You Will Not “GTD” From Me!!!

I’m reminded of an old episode of “Martin” while he was talking to… Tommy

Back then I thought it was hilarious and just entertainment…

I didn’t realize how foolish it was because I had done this thing…

They had a little black book and right beside a few names… there were a few letters…


Martin asked Tommy what do the letters stand for… what do they mean?

Tommy didn’t want to answer, but he did after Martin asked him repeatedly…

He said it stands for “Got the Draws Dawg!”  “I Got the Draws!”

Well if you knew me… then you know I laughed hysterically!

It’s been a while since I’ve seen it but something happened that brought it to my mind recently…

There have been a few young so called Godly men that claimed to have interest in me…

Only to find out… they were only interested in one thing…

I’ve got news for them and I’m speaking this in Jesus’ name publicly!


I can think of a few choice words…

While in anger I’ve heard…

But I don’t use profanity!

I’ll stop right here and REPENT….

Cleanse my heart God because in thought I’ve sinned…

I’m crying Lord please forgive me!?!

The Bible says be angry and sin not…  this I will honor and keep…

So I’ll let this righteous indignation burn its way out to get my release!


You disrespectful, arrogant, lust filled person walking in carnality!

I’m walking upright before God consecrating myself trying to live clean and holy!

I’m not just another pretty face…

With nice hips, lips, and a small waist for you to degrade!

I’m your sister so treat me accordingly!

I’ve had to lie on my face many nights…

Clutched my pillow ‘til the early morning light

That’s just fine with me!

If it sounds like I’m screaming I am… so please believe!


I was sixteen years old the first time a man tried to rape me!

That scarred me so bad that I was a virgin when I married at the age of twenty three!

Yes, since then I’ve had indiscretions and I repented… God forgave me!

Now here you come all smooth talking wanting some…

Just wanting to have a little fun…

Instead of covering you’re trying to uncover me!

I am not your one night stand!

Your booty call, your friend with benefits!

This is not what God had is His plan for you nor for me!

God created me to be a rib!

To be loved and nurtured so I can live!

So yes… You I do forgive!

No!  I do not expect an apology!

My earnest prayer is for you to be set free!

From you Man of God I expected a little more maturity!


Don’t even think about stopping by my house late at night!

Young man grow up and get it right!

There are some of us that value our lives!

We’re not walking in arrogance or pride!

We know our worth!  God knows our hearts desire!

We walk in celibacy!

We don’t want another soul tie or spirit spouse attached to us!

In this you can trust!

We don’t want your STD!

You can insert the phrase here and say it loud with me!


I’m in the company of Prophets and I am a Prophet so did you think I couldn’t see?!

This thing cuts deep it really hurts…

You’re a man of God you know me and you’re supposed to know my worth!

I thought you would have known better than anybody!

Acting like a warlock, a whoremonger, a slut!

Sending seducing spirits like incubus!

You are dong way too much!

Repent and be the man God called you to be!

How about instead of scheming and lying…

Why don’t you try submitting your flesh to God and dying…

Mortifying the deeds of the flesh and walk in integrity!

There is something you’re missing!

While your Pastor is preaching you’re not listening!

And it’s obvious you don’t practice what you preach!

So I’m going to say this one more time…

I pray you get my point ‘cause I’m really trying…

To those that matter please forgive my using colloquialisms while I speak…

But this seams to be the only way he’ll understand…

I’ve got to get through to this man and every man..

So I’ll speak EBONICALLY!


There is a remnant of chosen vessels and I am one of them you see!

I’m hurting while I’m writing and I’m dying to self while I’m crying because God told me to put the pen to paper and this I decree!

I’ve got to get this in your spirit!

Yes I know you don’t want to hear it!

I’ll yell it on the roof tops for EVERYBODY!

I’ll say it in your ear and be clear

So you can hear and sisters have no fear!

Now say this out loud if you agree!


Copyright © 2013 – A Prophetic Poetic Psalmist’s Journey, All Rights Reserved.


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