Who is at YOUR Center?

#‎TLDM ‪#‎LoveJourney ‪#‎ServantsHeart ‪#‎Maturity Have you ever been in a place when one event and or occurrence leads to another? Well Loves, that is truly how our life journey is mapped out. We are all connected whether we realize it or not. It’s that ‪#‎Oneness concept that Ellington Haywood Ellis often speaks of regarding our destiny. With that being said, today I want to share some spiritual information with you.

On October 13, 2013 My pastor Judy H. Moss laid hands on me and said my assignment is to correct sin. She also said many would not understand me, but I was born for purpose. And if you know either of my pastor’s then you KNOW what they speak over you shall come to pass if you stay in obedience. It’s just that simple. That ONE word will change your life. Unfortunately, some of us go astray and my word tells me disobedience is sin. (I Samuel 15:23). Yeah QB about to go there today. But prayerfully my sharing will clear someone’s atmosphere and set them up for freedom from the enemy’s wiles.

You do know he’s cunning correct? He knows you better than you know yourself. After all he had years to study you before you were even aware of him.

The past couple of months have been chock-full of ministry for me. Please understand, a sis might write about Love, Marriage and Relationships, but my first mantle is warfare. Do you know my earthly daddy? LOL! The apple fell directly from the tree (Walter R. Oliver) and as his child there is so much I saw before I even turned 12.

He was the hell fire preacher who was ahead of his time and can still lay hands on you and rebuke the EXACT demon you are struggling with.
In spite of all the changes he’s been through – that right there is his true mantle. The man is an evangelist to his spiritual core. Thus, understand that some of our situations we struggle with are not just about choosing the right path, it’s based on sin and then we continue in sin.

Ahh.. but grace!

Sunday, I had an opportunity to minister to a young person. Initially I discerned some of their issues. But Ladies and Gents when I asked direct questions they were honest. Now mind you the Holy Spirit had already spoken but that confirmation – – it was powerful. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE when people are honest. God can work with that! And that means the person is looking for change. Are you? Are you tired of treading water and not getting anywhere? Are you tired of your behavior that produces the same results? A sis might have a degree in psychology but no matter what the topic we cover from a psychology standpoint the bottom line is we are born in sin.

Recently, I heard someone talk about self-deception. Can QB break it down for you? It’s not self-deception. Call it for what it is, i.e. lying to yourself. Psychology refers to mental constructs as dissonance. It’s one and the same but using the word lying produces a stronger concept which shows us that the basis is still rooted in sin.

Now let me digress for a moment. We are here today because of chain of events. Yesterday, the song “Jesus At The Center” by – Israel Houghton & New Breed kept ringing in my spirit. My instructions last night were to play worship music as I turned in. And I woke up with the same song in my spirit. Add to that a name came to me in my sleep, i.e. a person to pray for who I’ve never met, nor do I know her. It lead me to search for her on FB and in that search I came across someone else. And that person was speaking of sin and the time we are living in. And so Loves, here we are, my instructions for YOU this am.

A few years ago there were two individuals in my life that I was related to and at some point had influence over me. You all know how family can be, they can either love you properly or cause confusion. These two particular persons were going through changes. Something didn’t feel right in my spirit. And yes QB is trying to be delicate in sharing this information with you. They each had levels of influence with other family members as well as their COI (Circle of Influence).

The Holy Spirit began to show me what they were dealing with and where they were spiritually. Both were deceived but at different levels. I was then shown that their situation would not change because of the deception; and UNLESS clarity came spiritually they would stay where they were; and that was not going to happen based on their current mentality. The next component was that their deception came from the enemy. Remember he is the father of lies and he was keeping up a continual perpetuation of deception in their life. Not only that any NEW occurrences, information, etc., were still based on that initial lie.

Does that make sense? Think about it for a moment. An initial lie is conceived and the next new information or occurrences are added but the initial foundation has been laid. That’s why for all you folk not bringing your transparent self to the dating table you are starting off on the wrong foot. In construction a foundation is the initial basis of a building. It is designed to withstand most types of weather. Of course we all are aware that natural disasters don’t fit within this mold.

Ladies and Gents, simply pray and ask your manufacture to reveal where you opened a spiritual door and where you need change. As for my family members, one is no longer living and the second still struggles in so many areas. What’s always interesting to me is that folk like that do not leave their circle to seek change. There’s a concept in psychology called “Wolf pack” but that’s for another day. You know that old adage, “Birds of a feather, flock together?” This is true, that’s why I love those that hold me accountable. Even when I may not want to hear truth, they dispense it with love. The reality is often when you are in a storm you need someone else to navigate/assist you to clear your atmosphere. Selah!

P.S. A way to inspect a person’s life is to look at their fruit. So many use the concept try the spirit by the spirit. No the word did not say that. It said to try to see if it is of God. The word also tells us we shall know them by their fruit. 1 John 4:1-5 / Matthew 7:16




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