TLDM Pathways – Three RTA’s of a Foundation

To have a holistic and Godly marriage we must understand the Three (3) Founding Principles of a Strategic relationship that is guaranteed a return investment. And since PP© A principle in marriage denotes that TRUE INTIMACY is possible only when two persons with relatively stable identities freely choose to be together. Then we must conclude that listening, building and adhering is vital for ANY relationship! Therefore the 3 RTA’s consist of this FOUNDATION:

1. Being RELATIONAL (the way two people interact and or are connected).

2. TRANSPARENCY (letting down your walls and being able to trust knowing the person will NOT use information against you at a future time as well as checking and building – – this portion is two way communication, being checked allows the pathway for change) and;

3. ADHERING (sticking fast to the adjustments, shifting for change, rebuilding if necessary, assessment and reassessment).



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