The REAL Danger of Pornography!! Part III and IV

Did you miss Parts I and II?

Part III

In Part II, we left off with the understanding that after SEED is deposited into the WOMB, there is fertilization, then CELLULAR MITOSIS…

 A brief description of cellular mitosis is the splitting or division of cells, which double incrementally with each split… Let’s juxtapose this in the SPIRIT.

The evil seed, being originated and influenced by demonic intent, is deposited, fertilized, and begins to grow inside the (Spiritual and Natural) womb of the woman. At this point, nature takes off, on a crash course with destiny. Unless a miscarriage takes place, EVENTUALLY THERE WILL BE BIRTH!! Can you imagine what is birthed from the seed of these evil, pornographic demonic spirits?!!!!!

Now, let us rewind for a moment. Before birth, there must be INCUBATION. Incubation is the process by which an embryo (fertilized egg) is nourished inside of woman, aiding in its health and grown. The end game of incubation is so that birth can take place… And here’s a scary thought: The woman is forced to walk around nurturing, and CARRYING the progeny of demonic, lustful,  and selfish pornographic spirits…

Would YOU want your Mother, Sister, Wife or YOURSELF to carry around satan’s child, whether spiritually, or naturally?

Part 4 is THE FIX!! Keep reading…

 Part IV – THE FIX

In Mark 9:29, our Lord Jesus replied to one of His disciples that some spirits can only come out by fasting and prayer. If you truly seek deliverance from the spirits of lust, pornography and sexual abuse, there are some things that need to happen.

First, you MUST rid yourself of every portal through which satan may tempt you. That means any and ALL pornographic pictures, magazines, videos, DVD’s, and any other paraphernalia of a sexual nature must be thrown out, immediately! This act of FAITH is a sign to yourself, and more importantly to GOD, that you are ready to receive HIS best for your life, and ready to change.

Once you’ve cleaned house, here is a prayer to pray:

Father, in the matchless and superior name of Jesus, I ask that you forgive my sin in the area of pornography, perversion, and lust. Your Word says in 1st John 1:9 that “If I confess my sins to you, that You are faithful and just to forgive me, and will clean me from ALL wickedness.”

Father, I believe Your Word, and I believe that you will remove my sin from me, as far as the east is from the west.

I renounce, rebuke, and bind all of the spirits of perversion, lust and pornography that come to kill me, steal from me, and destroy me, in THE NAME OF JESUS!! Satan has no power in my life, and no authority to torment me any longer, from this day forward.  I curse these evil, sexually perverse spirits, and send the back to the pit of hell, NOW, IN JESUS name!!

The curse is removed from my life, and I walk in new freedom in You Father, from this day forward. I ask that you cover my mind, body, and spirit with the BLOOD OF JESUS. I close and padlock every spiritual door that has been open, in Jesus name, AMEN.

You’re Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From this point on, it is imperative that you protect your eyes, ears, and spirit man. Turning off the television is a great way to garner strength. Reading your bible incessantly will also help to strengthen you spirit, so that you can withstand an attack from satan. You CAN do this… God created you to be able to STAND!

Peace & Love

Jon Oliver



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