The REAL Danger of Pornography!! – Part I and II

Part 1

I must first preface this word with a little information. To be able to understand and receive what the Spirit is saying, one must understand a couple of things.

1. Men are the seed carriers, and the penetrators. This has both natural and spiritual significance.

2. Women have a unique, and dualistic ability, which is God-given. They were made to be able to receive seed, incubate, and give birth. There are also spiritual and natural ramifications here as well.

Now that we have established that fact, one can begin to understand why pornography is so dangerous, both in the spirit and in the natural. One thing that I have learned is that one of the tricks of satan is to take things that God created, and pervert them as much as possible. After this perversion is implemented, he then tries to pass the perversion off as the real thing. As the natural, right, normal, and Godly thing… this could not be further from the truth.

What pornography does is take the God-given desires for affection and intimate contact, and turn them on their heads. Pornography is no more than a demonic, lustful perversion of God’s gift of love, intimacy and sex in the MARITAL covenant; and offers a quick, yet deficient substitution.

The NATURAL desires between a HUSBAND and WIFE for love, affection, and intimate contact, which COME FROM GOD, are replaced with faceless, empty invasions of lust, selfishness, and demonic sexual acts. Instead of one’s SPOUSE being the object of the other’s desire, there is only lust, and selfishness. This can be recognized by “Finish First” syndrome…. But the danger goes DEEPER.

Part II

When we left in Part 1, we learned that what pornography is and does in opposition to God’s ordained relationship interactions. Now here is the next nugget…

The images that our eyes see are emblazoned onto our brains. When we see graphic images of sexual misuse and abuse, they are understandably difficult to erase from the brain. The images are actually scarring your brain!

In motion, a man will generally have some sort of visualization from pornographic images prior to (as the catalyst for sexual involvement) sex, or during sex. What this equates to is the man channeling demonic, perverse energy to stimulate sexual intercourse. Seems harmless enough, right? The answer is NO!!

As the man begins to penetrate the woman, both physically and spiritually (sex IS both physical and spiritual), spiritual seed AND natural seed are being deposited into the womb of the woman. This ominous and perverted seed will then fertilize the waiting egg. What happens next?

 Cellular Mitosis….

Stay tuned for Part III and IV!!

Jon Oliver

9/25/13 9:30 PM




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