A Message of Love…..

This is an immensely personal (and long) post. Some people who know me from life, work and online will judge me and refute this. That’s okay. My hope is that if this helps even one person, it will all be worth it. The first 20 years of my life were a complete disaster. Years of […]

A Ruth Moment – Feminine Hygiene, Beauty and Power!

#BeeWisdom #ARuthMoment #RelationshipTip101 #MarriageTip101 QB has to go in a bit this morning because I realize some of us have never been taught proper hygiene. On the other hand, some of our mother’s have NOT been a lady-like example before us in regards to marriage and relationships. Ladies, summer is here! Well at least on MY side of the […]

“How to Become a Woman Worth Finding” Coaching Call with Mark Anthony McCray

Did you miss my last “Be Worth Finding” Coaching Call? They are always fun and educational and even inspirational!! (Here’s a link to the Event Page in case you want to join in some of the conversation!) I had two special guests on this call! Two amazing guests! Betty-Anne Marie White and the Queen B, […]