Santa Clarita Christian Fellowship

The perils of marital infidelity   Contact the site directly!    Twitter                    USTREAM    FaceBook  Church Website   Santa Clarita Christian Fellowship We are a multi-ethnic church that embraces people of all creeds and colors. 18541 Soledad Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, CA 91381 661-298-8189 Sunday Services […]

Strategies for Relationship Building

Here are fourteen tips that hopefully will change your view on how YOU interact with your LOVE interest or your family and friends. Good Communication skills are necessary for healthy interactions. Be Kind. Don’t fuss. Don’t call names but find a common ground of discussion and build, for your tone and words speak volumes to […]

We Are All Wives-In-Training by Maria Reyes-McDavis

We Are All Wives-In-Training I’ve heard it said by many of my sisters in Christ that they would consider their time before marriage as a wife-in-waiting period. I would submit to you that a wife-in-waiting is not equipped to be the wife He commands us to be. Rather, we must always be a wife-in-training. There […]