A Message of Love…..

This is an immensely personal (and long) post. Some people who know me from life, work and online will judge me and refute this. That’s okay. My hope is that if this helps even one person, it will all be worth it. The first 20 years of my life were a complete disaster. Years of […]

From Adam to Boaz – Part II

 Did you miss “From Adam to Boaz?” Part I with Belinda E Oliver, Bryan Thomas and Jonathan Oliver Did you miss “How to Prepare for my Adam?” with Belinda E. Oliver and Bryan Thomas Did you miss “Being Single, Christian and Dating?” Part I with Belinda E. Oliver and Dr. Gerald T. Hightower and Part […]

The REAL Danger of Pornography!! Part III and IV

Did you miss Parts I and II? Part III In Part II, we left off with the understanding that after SEED is deposited into the WOMB, there is fertilization, then CELLULAR MITOSIS…  A brief description of cellular mitosis is the splitting or division of cells, which double incrementally with each split… Let’s juxtapose this in […]