Dealing with Self-Esteem

   Do you need help with your self-esteem? Check out the conference call on July 12, 2010  Click here to listen to the call (You might need a bit of patience, sometimes the link is a bit slow – I apologize Loves!) Click here to get the FREE PDF!  –> BEO_Self_esteem_for_Participants_7-12-10 Facilitated by Deaquelynn Williams, […]

Knowledge about our brothers #Mantips 101 – Part II

Come here Sis, can I talk to you a moment? This past week I posted this stat on FB and on Twitter. “#mantip101 The requirement is YOU are supposed to adjust to him as he welcomes YOU into his atmosphere – – the memo doesn’t exist where he is supposed to meet all of your […]

Fear: Understanding Its Parts Before Managing Its Whole by Steven D. Randolph

Let me just say it up front, MEN HAVE FEARS and at times, MEN OPERATE OUT OF THEIR FEAR.  No need for the band to play, cheerleaders to contort into three-dimensional expressions of “I TOLD YOU SO”…and… the fat lady need not sing.  It is neither difficult nor embarrassing to admit that men have some […]