Our men take a hit on a regular basis surrounding their egos..SO HERE ARE SOME TIPS TO LOVE A BLACK MAN RIGHT… Ladies…Black Men battle all day everyday with things we are not even aware of…so let’s be patient with them… How to love your Black Man Right…STOP BEING A DRAMA QUEEN! How to […]

God’s Woman….She is her man’s Prize Possession

I love my man…he is into me…not because of the movement of my hips…or the swag of my mouth that can sink ships…nor for the softness of my hair…or my ability to create his special’s not because of the color of my mocha latte skin…or even the fact that I’m so into him…but he […]

Having sex outside of marriage is selfish

Be careful where you lay and the seed you procreate – don’t be selfish…. Let me prerequisite this blog by stating I dislike our Judicial Court System on every level one can imagine when it comes to my affairs of having to go there to advocate for my children.. When I have to go there […]