The REAL Danger of Pornography!! – Part I and II

Part 1 I must first preface this word with a little information. To be able to understand and receive what the Spirit is saying, one must understand a couple of things. 1. Men are the seed carriers, and the penetrators. This has both natural and spiritual significance. 2. Women have a unique, and dualistic ability, […]

Bee’s Wisdom Hive – Adam was working, ARE YOU?

Sis, can I drop some words into your spirit? We as women are powerful when we are on one accord and standing in God’s presence and His mission and call on our lives. That is when we are truly validated as the daughter He has called us to be…then and ONLY THEN are WE a […]

Santa Clarita Christian Fellowship

The perils of marital infidelity   Contact the site directly!    Twitter                    USTREAM    FaceBook  Church Website   Santa Clarita Christian Fellowship We are a multi-ethnic church that embraces people of all creeds and colors. 18541 Soledad Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, CA 91381 661-298-8189 Sunday Services […]