Relationships 101

Greetings to All! Sometimes I just shake my head at my life because the more I live the more it becomes seriously interesting to me. Yet overall, I realize I am to write, teach and exhort through ALL of my experiences; the good, the bad and even the ugly…lol. However, this recent life component is […]

Submission is a Mutual Decision

This blog is based on a ministry call I took from one of the parties struggling in their marriage (the man) – I pray this concept about submission will bless you. Please read I Peter 3 (for clarity) Submission is a mutual decision on both parties part; each must make a conscious decision to bring […]

Having sex outside of marriage is selfish

Be careful where you lay and the seed you procreate – don’t be selfish…. Let me prerequisite this blog by stating I dislike our Judicial Court System on every level one can imagine when it comes to my affairs of having to go there to advocate for my children.. When I have to go there […]