Did YOU KNOW we are a product of our environment? Part II

I started this topic based on a conversation I had with my son (J) on Sunday, January 1, because he has some major decisions to make concerning his life. What was interesting was something he said to me during our interaction. Someone had said to him, “you remind me of your mother, you have no […]

Did YOU KNOW we are a product of our environment?

Yesterday, I had a conversation with one of my sons. He’s has some life altering decisions to make. Don’t we all? I’m told that’s part of our daily striving.  It is our responsibility to make GOOD decisions. But, what do you do if YOU don’t know how, or there is no one to teach you? […]

Some of Bee’s Testimony’s – The Need to be Accepted

Forward (beo) This is a draft chapter from excerpts of my book, “Between God…..” I choose to leave the rest of the title blank until the entire body of work has been completed. I write from the perspective of my experiences with the prayer and expectation that through my identification of my own inner struggles; […]