The REAL Danger of Pornography!! Part III and IV

Did you miss Parts I and II? Part III In Part II, we left off with the understanding that after SEED is deposited into the WOMB, there is fertilization, then CELLULAR MITOSIS…  A brief description of cellular mitosis is the splitting or division of cells, which double incrementally with each split… Let’s juxtapose this in […]


You Will Not “GTD” From Me!!! I’m reminded of an old episode of “Martin” while he was talking to… Tommy Back then I thought it was hilarious and just entertainment… I didn’t realize how foolish it was because I had done this thing… They had a little black book and right beside a few names… […]

Bee’s Wisdom Hive – Seasons of Opportunities

We are approaching the end of 2012 a number that represents divine order and government. However as I sat down to write today my heart is heavy and grieving. Yesterday there was a mass murder of babies in our country (Newtown, CT) and I can’t help but to reflect on the tragedy of losing a […]