Did you know molestation was designed to cripple you from reaching YOUR destiny?

Recently, I was ministering to someone who had been molested in their childhood. A key component in psychology speaks to how one’s struggles in life are attached to either emotional, biological or psychological structures. With that being said, one might need to trace backwards to their past to understand why they battle in their present. […]

What do you do when…SPOKEN WORD

What do you do when…You realize that you’ve not been designed like other women We’ve all been encoded with dichotomy (two sides – spirit and flesh) but What do you do when…you learn that your dichotomy equals to more than two? My human nature that already battles against my spiritual WOE-Man-NESS and the mantle that […]

A Letter to the Ladies…..

Dear Sis, I heard your cry and felt your pain this morning while I was meditating. Far too often many of us wonder why we are not successful at our relationships and or marriages and we continue to make the same mistakes over and over. Some of us question and ask ourselves or God, stating […]