Knowledge about our brothers #Mantips 101 – Part II

Come here Sis, can I talk to you a moment? This past week I posted this stat on FB and on Twitter. “#mantip101 The requirement is YOU are supposed to adjust to him as he welcomes YOU into his atmosphere – – the memo doesn’t exist where he is supposed to meet all of your […]

Bee’s Man Cave – Men want intimacy

Greetings to you sir! I just want to leave a few thoughts with you today. I don’t want to go too deep though; but I might deviate a bit so just be patient with a sis…lol Recently I was having a conversation with one of my male cousins (Rod). Really, Bro he truly is my […]

‘Changing the face of relationships’ – – Marriage is a Covenant Partnership

Did you miss ‘Changing the face of relationships’   Part I ,  Part II, Part III or Part IV? ‘Changing the face of relationships’ means that we will all have to work together for change. We are all change-agents in some way shape or form. Come here can I talk to you a moment? Sometimes, I […]