The Root of Cheating – Part II!

  Did you miss The Root of Cheating? with Bryan Thomas, Demetrius Aldridge  Facilitated by Deaquelynn Williams, President and Founder of Quelynn, Inc. CEO/Life Coach Please listen in to this dynamic call and be blessed! <– to listen to the call click the link 🙂 Belinda Twitter hash tag #ARuthMoment     […]

From Adam to Boaz – Part II

 Did you miss “From Adam to Boaz?” Part I with Belinda E Oliver, Bryan Thomas and Jonathan Oliver Did you miss “How to Prepare for my Adam?” with Belinda E. Oliver and Bryan Thomas Did you miss “Being Single, Christian and Dating?” Part I with Belinda E. Oliver and Dr. Gerald T. Hightower and Part […]

The REAL Danger of Pornography!! – Part I and II

Part 1 I must first preface this word with a little information. To be able to understand and receive what the Spirit is saying, one must understand a couple of things. 1. Men are the seed carriers, and the penetrators. This has both natural and spiritual significance. 2. Women have a unique, and dualistic ability, […]