Strategies for Relationship Building

This particular series stemmed from a conversation where the topic of concern was one’s ability to work through a relationship to obtain what they believe they want from the other person. It is mentioned quite frequently that men are from Mars and Women from Venus; but we think we can all agree it’s high time that the two species meet on a neutral planet that I call Mar-Ven.

This series will attempt a tag team approach to bring a conceptual understanding to the table of male versus female in relationships. What you will encounter in the future is a “flow” of information and exchange as TLDM delves into the mystery of male and female habits, concepts and communication. Don’t be surprised at any of the encounters of perceptions, thoughts, and theories; just be patient  for the reality is we are ALL learning together and no one person has ALL the answers.  But if we come with open hearts and ears there is a possibility we can learn from one another.

This series is for those who DO want change, but don’t necessarily know how to implement change. Hopefully the views expressed in “Strategies for Relationship Building” will help us explore what are the issues, reasons and or problems that impede change that will obtain the final goal: A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP!