Solomon The Modern Day Lover


solomonTeaching Lessons…Defining Moments:
Solomon: The Modern Day Lover: The Love Journey Series Volume 2  
by Belinda Oliver

Kindle Edition

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Publisher: True Perspective Publishing House
Publication date: January 27, 2016
Pages: 32
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Herein lies a mixture of love songs and poetry taken from the Song of Solomon.

There are variations of scripture text and applications that have been shared down throughout the years. However, in the Love Journey Series, we seek to give you a MODERN day version of love between two lovers.

Some have said that the Shulamite Woman represents the Church as the Bride; and Solomon is The Almighty seeking to love on His Bride. However, my prayer is that your takeaway is just a Journey of Love. Please allow the words to embrace your spirit as you imagine two lovers intent on a journey of selfless love. Can you picture them? Explore the vineyards with them as they partake of each other lavishly, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Please note, that there are minor explanations within the text that constitute my understanding and how I determined the text to flow.




“This modern retelling of the love shared between Solomon and his Shulamite wife is vivid and enchanting. Almost fairytale-like in its format; one can almost see them as they demonstrate their love for each other. Graphic and almost innocent in displaying their deep, undying love for each other; Belinda takes you there! Note: For mature readers only.”

Michelle G. Cameron, Author


“What a rich exploration of love activity and parallel of spirit and physical play on words. It is truly a fascinating read. The romantic words of Solomon are enlightened as never before. You can actually catch a glimpse of the lovers in the meadow frolicking and flaunting their love before everyone. There is absolutely no shame to their love game.”

Ellington L. Ellis

Founder and Managing Partner

Ellington Capital Management