Shades of Pink

So SDR (Steven D. Randolph) did a piece about the “SHADES OF BLUE.” There’s a new project in the works called “Strategies of Relationship Building” so it only makes sense that I respond to his concept of viewing a relationship between a man and a woman in the shades of color; and according to Steven, there must be a balance between OVER SIMPLIFICATION and OVER COMPLEXITY as we move into this analogy of…SHADES

It’s interesting to me because some research studies have proven that men and women visually see color differently. Well, we already know that there are many components to the gender differentiation. Why not add one more and throw them all in a basket and see what pops out, LOL.  Seriously, though, the reality is men and women truly are different which I believe we have all acknowledged internally as well as externally, hmmm…BUT have we truly recognized that fact when it comes to relationship building?  I believe that some couples have, for they have learned to work through some of their issues. Yet, on the other hand there are many of us who are still fumbling around in the dark looking for the light switch when it is actually to the right of our fingertips. Do you know what that light switch is? Here let me help you out, it’s called compromise, unselfishness, unconditional love and learning to be patient with each other. Of course, there are many more light switches and hopefully the Strategies of Relationship Building will address additional switches in the near future.

I can hear someone asking me now, Bee what the heck does this have to do with the SHADES OF PINK?

Patience my friend, Patience 😉

A few weeks ago, I told the one and only Steven D. Randolph that he has a RED WAGON. I’m sure you are familiar with them; they’ve been around for many generations. Anyway, the concept was in moving ahead to destinations we must pack up our belongings and progress onward. On this particular day, I said to SDR he was taking his time and he was like the little boy pulling his wagon behind him…dragging it no less (he’s special) LOL. He laughed but trust me payback was coming around and it did–exponentially, LOL. See I have a habit of deflecting at times and not fessing up/taking ownership of my own behavior, hmm, does this sound familiar? Anyway, SDR made a point that I had a PINK WAGON, I of course skipped around the entire issue he was addressing and declared boldly that why can’t my wagon be purple? Purple is my favorite color. He then responded, “See, that’s your problem you are missing the point that you EVEN HAVE A WAGON and here you are staking claim on the particular color you want it to be.” This of course is paraphrased and cleaned up for public consumption. LOL.

So if you hear the two of us address each other as Red Wagon (RedMan/Red) or Pink Wagon (Pinky) it denotes that we are a special breed. We don’t always think in the box, are anal, and probably process things too deeply. WE both have a habit of studying people, components and often see life as puzzles that must be solved. We are true to form in addressing our own behavior and expect YOU to do the same. He is an elaborate communicator, while often I want to get straight to the point and want answers up front. We are like Yin and Yang. On the other hand personally I think that makes us a perfect fit to address relationship components for the reality is we’ve both been to hell and back AND SURVIVED.

Now to my point, LOL!

SDR’s thought process around the ‘Shades of Blue” causes us to readdress the concept of male and female relationships in the context of color. We’ve already stated, men and women are different; but how do we become a unified component and yet still see a distinction of who we are in a relationship? The concept is that typically a woman must adjust herself to a man. Yet rarely do I hear the bro’s articulating that they have to shape and mold a portion of themselves to the woman that they love. That needs a repeat. Rarely do I hear the bro’s articulating that they have to shape and mold a portion of themselves to the woman that they love. I frequently hear the relationship noise/chatter from the ladies that they want this and that, and want a brother to be all that—YET ladies, have we considered what WE bring to the table? These are Thoughts to ponder and we will continue to address them in the near future.

See as a woman, I know my strengths and weaknesses. Often my strengths can become my weakness if I’m not careful. One day SDR said to me – after ruffling my feathers, “ I do believe Pinky is turning crimson!” LOL. Well folk, Crimson is true to my form when I am upset. I take no prisoners and your feelings are NOT forthright in my mind. My goal is to appease or take prisoner that is beholden in front of me.  Quote from Randolph: Crimson crassness will surely be the reflection she projects and the sensation that all will experience.  It is biting.  Crimson is direct.  Crimson is unmistakable. Crimson takes no prisoners.  Crimson cares….about very little except its sensation of survival.  Crimson is not always accurate and doesn’t always seek burgundy as a partner but doesn’t mind if he tags along and stands two steps behind and doesn’t speak.  Crimson is always in the moment, even when the moment has passed. When Crimson is over I am contrite, humble and even sometimes humiliated because I take ownership of my crass behavior.  I am not perfect but striving continually to become more Magenta (motivates her to move through life with purpose and drives her to make choices of clarity).  Some women struggle and choose to hide their lack of depth. I on the other hand do not—I chose to embrace it for I am still in my space of growing in wisdom and knowledge. I cuddle it beyond the depths of time for I’m aware it allows me to transcend and transform into the woman I am continually becoming. Thus, when a man who is the SHADES OF BLUE steps into my atmosphere I can adamantly tell him I AM PINK; and can request that HE accept each of my hues, but more importantly teach me and incorporate me into his SHADES OF BLUE.


3/8/12 2:40 PM


  1. Let the artistry begin…….. hopefully the clarity of the shades will bring renewed strength and love to all those who desire it….. Know Your Color! Good piece B!

  2. Great job!

  3. Like so many of your other writings… well-written and well said. Now it is up to me to make sure it is well received. Thanks! Much needed (and right on time). 🙂

    • Cuz, as always thanks for YOUR support! I love you! Yes it is a process of thinking that takes some mulling over. I think SDR and I are going to continue the Shades – it brings clarity to situations in a concept that many can understand, ie no muckety-muck LOL 😉

  4. very interesting…I like, dang I am late on this…lol…but I am here now.

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