Red Flags or RUN for cover – Dating Tips for Dummies!

What a great call today for ‪#‎ARuthMoment! Here are some takeaway points from the team:


“Know your season and know who you are.”

“People are dating trying to fix their LIFE! Selah!”

“You can’t be intimate if you’re not healthy.”

“Love is not sex.”

“Some people need therapy before they even start dating.”

“A woman who doesn’t know herself is a danger to herself and those around her.”

“People are dating trying to fix their hurt.”

“Marriage is not going to fix your internal issues.”

“You have to be willing to say, ‘We’re going to work through our issues together.”

“Ladies, you can’t talk AT a man verses TO a man.”

“Women need communication and to be fed emotionally.”

“Be a grown woman, ladies.”

“Ladies, stop acting like little girls. Little girls are little girls for a reason and women are women for a reason.”

“Every man that you come across doesn’t mean he’s for you.”

“Talking about your past is healthy.”

“People have emotional triggers that often show up in dating when the behavior from their past pops up.”

“People who don’t release their past are toxic.”

Sometimes the vision for your life doesn’t change, but the people do.

Ask yourself, “Is this [relationship] healthy for me?”

“Some people don’t want to heal.”

“Some people have hurt and past issues, and this is a key component with we talk about destiny.”

“We must choose to look at the person we’re dating with our spiritual eyes.”

“When you’re dating, do you consider your destiny?”

“Many date out of loneliness.”

“Dating is not sex.”

“Look at character first. Character doesn’t lie.”


“Pray without ceasing. Ask for the lessons you’re supposed to learn.”

“When the man truly loves the woman that he’s with, no matter what she brings to the table, he is willing to still cover her.”

“A red flag for a man is his in ability to meet your needs.”

“There are different flags yellow, white, red – a warning flag, penalty flag, etc.”

“Time is your best asset. Time reveals all.”


“We cannot fix a person.

“Men, be grown men.”

“Talk to heal from your past, not rehash it.”


Facilitated by Deaquelynn Williams, President and Founder of Quelynn, Inc.

CEO/Life Coach

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Please listen in to this dynamic call and be blessed! 


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