This is for those who are married and those who are considering it.

  1. Question: Why is it that, when Rebekah comes into Isaac’s life, he takes her into his MOTHER’S TENT (not his own), and they consummate their marriage there? (Genesis 24:67)
  2. Question: Why is it that her coming into his life ended a 3-year grieving process over the death of his mother? (vs. 68)
  3. Question: Why is Solomon insistent on warning his son about his wife’s “bosom” as opposed to that of a strange woman? (Proverbs 5:19, 20)

Are you getting the picture?

My sister, the results of the tests are in. YOU ARE his mother.

You are the mother of all living, including his. (Genesis 3:20)

The difference is, it now has a strong emotional/romantic overtone. There is a nurturing that he needs, that only comes from your intense love and unconditional affirmation.

My brother, if she is your mother, the WORD is, YOU ARE her father, emotionally. Sit her on your lap and tell her how beautiful and precious she is. Touch the little girl inside of her and make her whole! Cover and protect her as a father is supposed to do.

Both of you, take a good, prayerful and LITERAL look at Genesis 2:25, and let that speak to you.

Oh, so I hear you saying this is unrealistic? WELL, maybe that’s why your marriage is dead or isn’t happy??? IJS And for you singles, if you don’t buy into this, leave marriage alone. It is not about a momentary thrill; it’s abouintimacy! Blessings!!

Dr. Gerald Loyd

Fountain of Life Church of Pittsburgh

June 19, 2018

2:39 P.M.

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