Maturity is a process NOT a destination

Have you ever heard the quip Love is a journey not a destination?” Well personally, the more that I live and age (ahem) I believe that same concept applies to the concept of MATURITY. This particular blog stemmed from a conversation between the Red and Pink Wagon (wink wink, the Red Wagon was picking up rocks for me that day). If you missed the conceptual blogs on relationships viewed in colors make sure you check it out – Blue versus Pink.  Anyway, I intended on writing to the ladies on what a MATURE MAN looks like; BUT Red Wagon aka SDR  challenged me to write from a genderless point of view and to remove any bias and help others to understand that “MATURITY is a process not a destination. Direct quote from SDR, “All persons are still growing in maturity, based on their experiences, opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses.”

If you notice I slip into writing from the Pink Wagon’s point of view, i.e. third person, LOL, please forgive my indiscretion.  Hey sometimes I struggle in writing because I study human behavior and I tend to view life through gender-biases and I’m trying NOT to do that today. Add to that I can be anal retentive, and apt to read into situations deeper than the average person; and try to connect the dots lol, but I must remember my promise to SDR – – don’t write to genders, just write about the process. Hey I’m still MATURING! 😯

I’m quite aware that speaking on MATURITY can turn into a life-long dissertation but I just want to touch a bit on the initial process; and since Maturity can be considered a useful strategy for relationships let’s delve into some initial thoughts today. We can always revisit additional strategies at a later time.

I truly do want you to consider the maturation process of what we talk about today and not just take it at face value for you just might miss something.  I am speaking in an inclusive manner because I realize WE ALL need to discover and learn about maturity within our own lives no matter what path we have taken nor journey we are discovering; for Maturity can be considered a ‘bedfellow’; and many of us cease to co-exist with each other without its multidimensional consideration and actions in our lives.

Strategic thoughts: please keep these foremost in YOUR mind:

Maturity very well might be based on your perceptions of where YOU are and what particular stage of YOUR life you are in.

a. Have you ever noticed that a marriage/relationship that didn’t function properly years ago you can now assess what actually went wrong? More so if you had to do a rewrite you now KNOW what to do DIFFERENTLY this time?

Maturity can be part of your strengths and your weakness.

a. For example now that I am grown I can look back and examine that while I was mature on some levels based on the information or life I was living I was mature. Yet in retrospect I understand that additional growth in that particular area was necessary. Components and intricate details that I missed in the past have very little chance of becoming a faux pas at this particular stage of my life.

b. Or for example many of us think we are mature until we encounter a situation where we must examine our actions upon to redetermine or readdress our level of maturity.

Maturity or rather wise maturity states, “I take knowledge from others and build upon that.”

a. Think about it – – why must either of us repeat the same blunders that we’ve watched others go through? Why not make a responsible choice and allow the mistakes of others to become a Teaching Lesson…Defining Moment?

Personally, I prefer to look at situations/scenarios in my vicinity and learn either how to adapt for continued growth or reject the information that is not applicable to my personal state of affairs.

My final thought for today which I believe is a key component for us all; if we continue to keep the same behavior and or same thought process in regards to our level of maturity, can we actually state we are mature? We all know that Truth stands on its own and doesn’t need any assistance from anyone. However, our levels of maturity can’t always be singled out to stand alone for we must acknowledge that just as love is a journey so is our maturity; for it is a process not a true destination, thus today’s oversight becomes tomorrow’s MATURITY!

Seek to know that YOU might grow.




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  1. II Chronicles 26:4-5

    “He did what was right in the eyes of the LORD, just as his father Amaziah had done. He sought God during the days of Zechariah, who instructed him in the fear of God. As long as he sought the LORD, God gave him success.”
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