Maturity is a process NOT a destination – Part II

Have you ever heard the quip “Love is a journey not a destination?” Well personally, the more that I live and age (ahem) I believe that same concept applies to the concept of MATURITY.

Today I want to share some information with you that I believe will help you move forward on not only your ‘love walk’ but on your journey in life. The format is not in my normal writing style but just quick stat/updates that I posted on Facebook and Twitter so excuse the cryptic writing, lol. I trust that something will hit to the core of your spirit to assist you in change.

I personally received some of this information on October 31, 2003 during a conversation when I was struggling with not only my life but WHO I am and components surrounding my destiny. Needless to say this information helped me immensely. I would often go back and read my notes when my struggle seemed more apparent. Have you ever had one of those days when you appear to be hanging from a 3-cord string but strand # 2 and 3 have popped and now strand # 1 is wearing REAL THIN? Bee raises both her hands!! LOL

Since 2003 I have added additional wisdom – I pray it will be a blessing to you. Some of it stems from my own past experiences when I learned that God was attempting to help me grow up to give His word. Can we say that Bee was NOT a happy camper? LOL. Since that point and time I have settled into WHO I AM, and WHOSE I AM.  Prayerfully, me sharing my experiences will help you.

Don’t forget to check out Maturity is a process NOT a destination. If you’ve been following me long enough then you know by now I LOVE to keep you hanging on, lol, for it’s never my desire to put you into overload in one sitting.

I hear “Maturity” in my spirit….

  • The reality is most of us HAVE NOT Matured #Maturity states that even if I am scarred I continue to reach out to others to assist in THEIR healing for I live at the #ProximityOfTheCross
  • Not everyone who leaves was meant to stay and sometimes they return – God works in times and seasons in our lives yet one must be mature enough 2 realize the season they are in and this takes #Wisdom from above – just be aware that often a bitter trial/relationship/love can become sweet again once forgiveness is in place and you are submitted at the Master’s Hand < —- This is #Maturity
  • Teaching lessons…Defining moments© written scribe/word is NEVER given to tickle your ears but to make you think about the season/test/trial you are IN or went through it is #Wisdom and about becoming #Mature in your life but more so in Him
  • Mature moments position 1 4 the next level of defining decisions which R apt 2 display the Glory of God which translates N2 UR destiny..QB
  • Discipline is the process of understanding there is something you need to work on i.e. change about your life …Discipline is #Maturity
  • Maturity brings bout thought process of some stuff I’m just not willing to deal with anymore or i.e. I don’t have time for “mess” you realize you have a destiny to fulfill and you will not allow anyone to distract you from it
  • #Maturity states that you can take instruction – listen – adhere to the other because you both care about each other’s destiny #WalkingasOne
  • #Maturity states that I know how to embrace the comfortable along with the uncomfortable in friendship/relationship/marriage
  • #Maturity states I LIVE what I give to you the teacher must first be the partaker
  • Boy #WolfBrotha versus Man #ManofDiscipline one word is world’s apart #Maturity
  • #Maturity states you can handle things He didn’t trust you with before – like that Man/Woman – NOW you can handle it in THIS SEASON
  • Shout-out to all the folk who are right ALL the time but don’t know that when they R talking to a #Discerner God be uncovering you…that person chooses to #Love #Maturity
  • #Maturity states I assess myself in situations and take ownership of my OWN behavior & if necessary checks self lst b/f someone else
  • #Maturity states that I love God first before I can LOVE YOU. #BeeWisdom
  • #Maturity states that I can let YOU have the last word because even when I KNOW you are INCORRECT …love covers a multitude including egos
  • #Maturity doesn’t twist the scenario to your personal perceptions to justify your actions – psychology terms this cognitive dissonance
  • #Maturity states I will trust you – though YOU slay me…I’m standing in position moving forward toward my destiny…which continually readjusts based on my level of Maturity
  • Mature people love…that is it and that is all #TLDM
  • Maturity states that you will not go into God’s presence telling him what you will NOT do…Maturity is submission
  • Maturity gives you access to….GOD!
  • Maturity states that I will ask God how HE designed me and His WILL for MY LIFE!
  • Maturity states that you are not lookin 4 every preacher 2 give you a word…you ask God Himself…after all Christ is the “LIVING WORD”
  • A Mature person does not allow their wounds to RULE THEM!
  • A Mature person KNOWS the hurts will come and people might turn on them..but they STAY in the RACE..not given 2 swift but 2 those who endure
  • A Mature person knows that worship is about service to others…not to self…AND IT IS A PRIVILEGE!
  • Maturity is aware that worship clears the atmosphere and is a weapon to pull down strongholds from the enemy
  • Maturity KNOWS that one will get hurt but makes a CHOICE to continue to SERVE anyway…
  • In this season, note You cannot rely on your intellect (mind) you must rely on the mind of Christ  – Phil. 2:5 – THIS IS MATURITY
  • There r NO SHORTCUTS 2 MATURITY so settle ur mind grit ur spiritual teeth & get 2 work look for ur solution its n front of u but u must see it w/God’s eyez
  • Maturity states that after that ye have suffered a while, God will perfect establish, strengthen, and settle YOU
  • Maturity states that you KNOW YOU can’t figure YOU’RE way out w/out direction from above
  • Maturity states that sometimes you have to go and dig again…and expect change
  • Maturity states that my Lover is God first…return to your first love…
  • Maturity–Sometimes we think the change is on our physical location when actually it’s another level of anointing.
  • Maturity states that you know how to release yourself out of certain situations
  • Maturity states you receive another level of anointing with grace
  • Maturity states that you know how to submit
  • The Law of intimacy states that it is illegal to be with a child – hence God needs YOU to be MATURE to be INTIMATE with YOU! TIME TO GROW UP!!
  • Maturity states that in Increase of anointing (ability) is needed to overcome the pressure – exert in the pressure
  • Maturity says that I can relax in God cos HE GOT MY BACK! Peace that surpasses all understanding – Keep ur mind on HIM!
  • Maturity states that God opens doors for you….you learn to be progressive in action by standing still in Him
  • Did you know God wants 2 marry you…#hint Christ and the church
  • Mature people accept situations and find a way to work through the problem…they look for solutions
  • Maturity states I will make a conscious decision to be accountable for my actions.
  • Ok so my sign is Libra & Yeah I’m balanced but peep this I can read who I am according 2 the stars or I can b who God called me 2 b #uchoose
  • Maturity…..Often silence is more than golden…it is revealing…
  • Maturity states my help comes from above and not from the crowd surrounding you
  • A Mature person does not allow their wounds to manage their life…they have no defense…God is their defense
  • Maturity is a conscious decision to do the right thing
  • Remember Gods will is not a set of rules and regulation its about your level of maturity at different seasons of your life,  via Mozz aka Bryan Thomas (lil bro)
  • TLDM© Trials bring about maturity…James 1:2-7
  • Maturity states you can be vulnerable and not be ashamed
  • Maturity states that when obstacles come…I stand in position and pray….
  • Maturity KNOWS that one will get hurt but makes a CHOICE to continue to SERVE anyway
  • Maturity states that YOU ARE a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God – this is YOUR DUE SERVICE 2 HIM!
  • Your tests & trials are there to MATURE YOU! Not hinder you nor destroy you but if you keep asking God to bypass the test you’ll never grow
  • Loneliness weariness depression & frustration add up 2confusion..Maturity states that I can go thru all this & still remain n POSITION N HIM
  • Maturity states…Lord “CHANGE ME”
  • Maturity is about making wiser choices, but if you foolish and won’t listen …well…IJS
  • Maturity is a succession of consecutive choices that progress you forward towards your destiny
  • Maturity states I will shift into the season that is appointed unto me and have brought my past experiences along as a stepping stone towards my future
  • Too many of you seeking a relationship and your relationship with God is raggedy
  • Maturity states that you WILL be afflicted to purify you…for upcoming season…get used to it…be mature about it!

Seek to know that YOU might grow.



May 26, 2012

7:38 AM


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