Knowledge about our brothers #Mantips 101 – Part II

Come here Sis, can I talk to you a moment? This past week I posted this stat on FB and on Twitter. “#mantip101 The requirement is YOU are supposed to adjust to him as he welcomes YOU into his atmosphere – – the memo doesn’t exist where he is supposed to meet all of your needs. Sis, a secure woman approaches God first before that man approaches her.” BTW (by the way) if you are not familiar with hash-tags (#) it means that in the search engines on twitter you can find that particular topic. It’s a great way to keep your desired information separate and or start a trend on twitter. To my knowledge it doesn’t work on FB although many people use them…go figure, LOL. Sorry, just a bit of random information. Onward…Let’s Go!

Well of course a couple of the ladies had questions and or comments and I decided to do “Knowledge about our brother’s – Part II.” Did you miss Part I? If so, please click the link to check it out. I promise you it will bless you!

Basically, I am not going to rewrite this blog but give you the quotes from my responses. In addition if you see anything in blue, please click it – it will take you to another blog that speaks to that particular issue(s). Or just peruse through my page (overall). There is so much great content about marriage and relationships and for me to try to share it all with you in one post would mean that every few words, you would be taken to another blog, LOL!

Response # 1

I’m not just writing from experience but also conversations I have with them (men) and watching women overall. I’ve been seeing these issues since about age 9 – I just didn’t know HOW to articulate it ;-). Women have issues with control and fear. I’ve written about it in  Man versus Woman versus Fear (Manipulation) – A recipe for disaster. A man will never meet all your needs – that is God’s job. When we come together as one it actually becomes a dual covering because sometimes HE (the man) is NOT in position. I’m speaking from experience now. I had to cover my household – it was a choice when my husband at the time was not walking in spiritual position. I teach women that you make a choice to cover when he can’t or won’t or allow your house to blow up. But the reality is I never look for a man to meet what God does first. Marriage is about ministry and destiny and both parties bring to table something. Both should also be whole, but that’s another discussion for many are not – and I’m not gender biased when I speak about healing. A man can help a woman heal and a woman can help a man heal for love is not based on conditions. We should NOT live ‘I will do for you if you do for me’ and Ephesians 5 addresses both parties. Submission is a choice, and holds power for both parties. It is also about respect. If I’m with you I choose to submit to you but that should be based upon if he is submitted to God first and foremost. A man is to love and cherish his wife but he cannot sufficiently do that if she is controlling the situation/marriage/relationship. Perfect love casts out fear and one cannot love with fear residing in their heart. Bottom line God made woman for man – not the other way around. Adam stood by while Eve set the world in motion. He had a choice – he chose the woman over doing right.  Men stand in awe of us!  We have the right to take back what was lost (within reason) but it must be done in proper order, with precision and with decision. No man is God and even though God supplies ALL OUR NEEDS it is based on us understanding – seek ye first and HE (God) requires one to play ball (participate) not elaborate, figure out, process and sit on the side lines.

 Response # 2

Overall a woman is NEEDY! Here’s an example, most ladies when married withhold sex from their husbands to punish him and or they just don’t feel like it; clearly not understanding or making a choice not to get it – – that a man needs sex to release. Or how about you ask him a question and he tells you to decide but then you keep going back for a different answer by posing the question differently. That is about control or insecurities on the woman’s part. Men think linear and typically are direct while women take forever to come to a conclusion and then change their mind (again). Ephesians 5 has both parties playing a role it is not one-sided and both parties should come to agreement. For example if male and female both work how is the housework distributed? How is their income managed? That is up to each couple. I’m speaking of overall picture – many women think a man was created for HER needs – she was created to bring comfort to a man but if she is angry, insecure or has been abused her atmosphere is typically tainted and she struggles to love a man properly.  Ladies, we must change our minds and be able to listen to the men in our lives. This in no way alleviates a man but I stand by this fact – a man cannot do to you unless you allow – – otherwise it is rape/abuse and then you make a choice to stay, move on, heal etc. I have an issue when women blame men for all their problems. We all must take ownership of us – I looked for the enemy and found it/him/her within 😉

Sis, if you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me privately through this site or on the other social media sites. Please don’t sit and wonder, just ask.


6/10/12 8:42 am


  1. Charlton Daye says:

    I have to say I agree on the issue of insecurity in women. It seems that today’s woman are trying to take away today’s man freedom, they want you to be with them 24/7 and want to keep track of your where about every minute of the day, some of them to don’t even want you to have friends. This is quite selfish, then they wonder why you seem to be uncompassionate and always trying to avoid them. I believe everyone needs some space, sometime we all need a bit of room to breathe; as far as I am concerned having time for yourself will create a healthy relationship.

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