Is it a storm, a trial or disobedience; which state are you in?

Let me preface the following with this statement, I believe God has called me to teach, to expound to explain things on a personal level that people might understand the things that they go through. Clarity about a situation should bring understanding; and it is with prayer that I write the following to help someone understand their situation and then come out of it and move to the next level/spiritual position in God. The enemy (satan) loves for people to stay in darkness because it allows him easy access to speak to their minds when they don’t understand truth. Truth illuminates and shines light on dark components and we must understand we are children of the light – – God. Read Ephesians 5 and 1 Thessalonians 5

Spiritual storm – “A Perfect Storm” a point where it is calm within the eye – outside the eye there is confusion and strife.

Storms are not permanent but only for a season. A true example of a spiritual storm is Job. The enemy was allowed to touch him and his family for God to brag on him. Note however, that satan was not allowed to kill him; however, he did lose his children, his wife turned on him and suggested that he curse God and die – suffice it to say that she wasn’t the proper helpmeet he needed at that time. Imagine the spouse you love telling you to renounce God? Even his friends suggested that God was showing ill will towards him. So one might say he (Job) was in a state of confusion. See “A Perfect Storm” denotes mass destruction on the outward components, but in the middle of the storm (the eye) there is peace and calmness. Job was in “A Perfect Storm”. Yet he was able to withstand until the end and all was restored to him. One must learn to sit in the middle of their storm with God as the pilot. You must ride shot-gun while He steers you on the correct path. These types of storms come to make us stronger; to show us something more about God and our relationship with Him. Or even the mere fact that God trusts us enough to handle what comes our way. They are not brought about by sin or disobedience. However, one can extend their storm based on their behavior by not trusting in God. So I say to you stay on board…stay in the ship…you might lose everything but your life will not be lost (Acts 27).

A trial  – 1. is the action or process of trying or putting to the proof :  test or 2. a test of faith, patience, or stamina through subjection to suffering or temptation; broadly : a source of vexation or annoyance

Paul in the scriptures was known to have a thorn in his flesh (II Corinthians 12). Many believe it was a physical ailment. However there is one thing we do know based on the scriptures; 1. it was a thorn, 2. it was sent by satan to torment him; and the bottom line in Paul’s eyes – – it was to keep him humble. Paul requested three times for its removal but God’s desire was for Paul to handle that thorn and God gave him grace to assist in those endeavors. “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (verse 9)

Most of us upon assessing our lives realize that we’ve had a trial we’ve had to approach and handle at some point in our lives. Many of us have had to, and are relinquishing the task and leaning on the Master for continued endurance; and we’ve stated that that thorn will not keep us from reaching our full potential of our God-given written destiny.

There are days I can almost identify with Paul and those days happen to be on the second day of the week; Monday. See Sunday’s are designated for ministry; whether it is during worship service where strongholds are pulled down; and we are given the ability to enter the throne room to lay at the Master’s feet in worship and acknowledging His glory. Or the laying on of hands to give spiritual release. I just know that on Monday I will feel the full effects of Sunday’s services and I don’t have the liberty of taking Monday off. Yet in spite of knowing this each weekend, I make a choice to pursue (hard) after God because He allows me; and because He has said to me I can take others along with me. So, if this is one of my continued thorns; I accept it and know that His grace is sufficient for me. For along with gifts and callings come sacrifice and the gifted is never as great as the Gift Giver (God).

Disobedience is outright sin and sin has repercussions. Disobedience does not bring about storms but a reaping of what you sowed. Jonah was given specific instructions for the people of Ninevah. However, he chose to take his own path and decided to run from the mandate that God had given him. He spent three days and nights in the body of a great fish. Can you imagine the horror and the smell? Well basically this was sin and it has lasting components. It has a stench and the one who sins wears the burden and the spirit of the sin that was committed. Disobedience will keep you running in circles with no end in sight; and often the enemy will torment you with the very acts that you committed. If it appears that the crowd you hang with are within the same sinful state as you; well birds of a feather flock together and that alone can keep you in bondage; but there is hope. That one word “but” means in spite of; a contradiction of your current situation; a change is on the horizon; there is hope for you. See deliverance is a process and there is one who created the process – God himself; and He sent His son to redeem you through His blood. Blood from a child that did not come in contact with his mother; hence his blood was pure and able to blot out all of mankind’s sin.

So often some of our situations are generational. Which means the spirit/situation was placed in your bloodline before you were born. Do you ever wonder why you do the things you do and don’t quite understand how or why or when you got there? It was a setup before your birth; cycles of extended behavior; everyone in your family has children out of wedlock, generations of drug dealers/users, crazy folk who make all the wrong decisions and the list goes on. Yet I speak to you that Christ came to set the captive free and this includes generational demons. They can be broken and you can be delivered. See if the same situation, condition or spirit continually comes after you or you are bothered by it then you need to assess you (your spirit); for the enemy knows what you wear (is steeped) in your spirit and deliverance is necessary, and only certain things come out by fasting and prayer (Mark 9:29)

On a brief note: these include spirits of lust (sexual and non-sexual); men who target women, women who target men (for abuse and manipulation). If crazy emotional people seek to find a foothold in your life, soul ties, etc. check yourself for spirits identify spirits and typically know who they can attack. These attacks do not need God’s permission for the doors were open through disobedience; whether you opened the door or someone through your family/generation.  Ask God for clarity to allow you to see what the problem is and or condition and then speak into your own life, “I release all unclean spirits in Jesus name and renounce any unclean works in my life immediately”. “I am covered by the blood of the Lamb and from henceforth I will become whole”.

So today, which situation you are in? Either stay in the boat; seek God’s grace or work to become clean. Whatever your state just be aware that a quick check-in with God can change your entire situation; and all you have to do is ask the giver of life.

Seek to know that you might grow.

My prayers are with you that you become and obtain all that God has intended for you.




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