Internet and Long Distance Relationships

What a great call today for ‪#‎ARuthMoment‬! Here are some takeaway points from Belinda E. Oliver and Bryan Thomas

Notes by Dee!

How to make an internet relationship work:

Have a vision.
Be transparent.
Be patient.
Ask questions.
Listen to your spirit.

How to make a long distance relationship work:

Be willing to come together and walk the course.
Be patient.
Have your own life.

“We have to stop this ‘getting married so I won’t be by myself’ mentality.” -Belinda E. Oliver

“Relationships are tools God created to fulfill the needs in our lives.” -Bryan Thomas

“Sometimes we try to make people fit where they don’t belong.” -Belinda E. Oliver

“True relationships are two like minds coming together and adjusted to one focus.” -Bryan Thomas

Make sure God is in the center of all your relationships!

Assignment: Sit in a quiet space and write the vision you have for your relationship. Whether you’re single, dating, engaged, or married. Write the vision and make it plain.


Facilitated by Deaquelynn Williams, President and Founder of Quelynn, Inc.

CEO/Life Coach

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Please listen in to this dynamic call and be blessed! 


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