“How to Become a Woman Worth Finding” Coaching Call with Mark Anthony McCray

Did you miss my last “Be Worth Finding” Coaching Call? They are always fun and educational and even inspirational!! (Here’s a link to the Event Page in case you want to join in some of the conversation!)

I had two special guests on this call! Two amazing guests! Betty-Anne Marie White and the Queen B, Belinda Oliver, joined me! The hour was all about healing and preparing for those of you who want meaningful relationships! Be sure to join their pages at Woman, Reveal Yourself and Belinda E. Oliver, too, to learn more about them!  We talked about

  • How to know when you’re healed…
  • What are real red flags versus what are negotiable issues…
  • Why masturbation could be a problem…
  • How to be on purpose instead of desperate in your desire to have a relationship…
  • and much more!

Download the link to listen to the broadcast below.  You can support Belinda by purchasing her The Prophetic Prayer book  and The Love Journey Series and contact Betty-Anne directly if you want to have her in for a conference or workshop.

One more thing…

Because this is the most common question I get by far! “Mark, what is a good woman? What does she look like? How does she act? How can I become a woman worth finding?” I knew the best way to answer this question for you was to put together a complete teaching on it, so that’s what I’ve done! I will show you what men of God are looking for and look at it all through the best lens of all – the Word of God!

I am releasing this in conjunction with the next HUGE “Be Worth Finding” Conference Call and I wanted to give you a chance to pre-order now at a special offer price of just $4!!! The regular price is $10 but all of my friends and supporters here can get ahead of the crowds and take advantage of this price. I am only doing this for a short time for sure!

Read more here!

Take advantage of the special offer here!

Here’s the LINK to download the rebroadcast!

What did you think of the broadcast?  Add your comments below!  What other topics do you want to hear about?

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