A Ruth Moment – Feminine Hygiene, Beauty and Power!

#BeeWisdom #ARuthMoment #RelationshipTip101 #MarriageTip101 QB has to go in a bit this morning because I realize some of us have never been taught proper hygiene. On the other hand, some of our mother’s have NOT been a lady-like example before us in regards to marriage and relationships. Ladies, summer is here! Well at least on MY side of the country/world. Please remember to cover yourself appropriately. Stripping your clothes is NOT a guarantee of keeping you cool. Those sun rays are KNOWN to burn skin and the lack of clothes can burn a brotha’s eyez! IJS, LOL! If you want to glean something different YOU MUST BE DIFFERENT!

In regards to our hygiene – – there are so many products out there. Please use them appropriately! Two or more showers a day are necessary! We shouldn’t smell you first thing in the am unless you have divers circumstances. If you are sexually active…one word…DOUCHE! QB has to go there this am…use vinegar and water and leave the pretty stuff alone. Check those cracks and crevices and wash regularly. More importantly, learn YOUR body. Change your eating habits if necessary and see your doctor. For wives, please shower or bath at night and freshen up again in the am (shower if need be). Never go to bed  or wake up w/out allowing those marital relations to flow. Last but not least – – Seek out a Kingdom Mentor if you don’t have one to emulate. Belinda E. Oliver has approved this message! Love ya sis and Kingdom Blessings to you and YOUR family!

Facilitated by Deaquelynn Williams, President and Founder of Quelynn, Inc.

CEO/Life Coach



Please listen in to this dynamic call and be blessed! <– to listen to the call click the link to the above 🙂


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  1. Well said and in good taste!

  2. Belinda E. Oliver says:

    Thank you Angel!

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