Did you know YOUR life is not YOUR own?

Good Morning Loves! Come here, can we talk for a few moments? Unlike some preacher’s, I promise to be short but I want to leave some thoughts with you this morning. Hey I’ve been up since before 6 AM EST.

It’s Saturday morning the day that many of us tend to sleep in for a few extra moments. However, that was not the case for me this am; and I woke up with worship in my spirit and one particular song was playing in my head. It’s interesting because yesterday after talking to my lil brother Bryan I began to write some stats concerning lessons that were entitled #LessonsToSelf. Lately I’ve been extremely reflective of the season that I am in and have been digging in my spiritual heels and placing worship in my atmosphere. What I love about worship is it creates an avenue for clarity surrounding your life. It clearly states to your creator even if you SLAY me I will worship. Which means no matter what I go through I will acknowledge YOUR presence in my life.

Did you notice all the “I’s” in the previous paragraph? Well I want to make sure that YOU are aware that I’m writing from my personal perspective but as I’m addressing each of you I am sharing my inner worship experience. As YOU read it it would be lovely if a certain understanding sinks into your spirit for a transition of your mentality concerning YOUR life and worship.

So let’s dig in shall we?

The song that was playing in my head is William McDowell’s “I give myself away.”

It is such a powerful song. If you have never heard it I kindly suggest you take a listen. It creates a presence of worship I was referring to earlier. As the song began to bring tears to my eyes (yes I heard you – I do cry, LOL) I was reminded of who I am and whose I am. I often state I have an owner. The reality is I don’t belong to myself nor am I able to do whatever I choose. YES, each of us have a freewill…a choice…but choices have consequences do they not? Well, Love, I made a choice to follow my manufacturer’s design. It is not always easy nor comfortable, but then again life isn’t comfortable is it? We overall walk out a process that is laid before us. Some of us are compliant while others follow along kicking and screaming. There is even a sect of human counterparts that are passive/aggressive in their reactions. One minute they are kewl and the next all hell breaks loose. The question is what sect do YOU reside in? A question for YOU to ponder and answer in your down time with YOUR owner, LOL

So the other component of this season (I am learning) is that as I give MYSELF away there is a continual process of my owner leading me in certain directions to assist other people along their life journey. Recently I mentioned to Bryan that it would appear that what I go through is often NOT even about me. Or rather I go through situations so I can bring clarity to someone else’s life. Does this sound familiar to you? For example this past week was interesting to say the least. But then check this out, yesterday I hadn’t planned on going to a certain location but did anyway, and lo and behold I was able to speak to a person to bring some understanding and clarity to THEIR LIFE! I was like wow, now that would explain all my OWN personal issues this past week. Again, my life is NOT MY OWN!  Can YOU state this about YOUR season? Again, a question for YOU to answer in your down time with YOUR owner, LOL

Are YOU willing to give YOURSELF AWAY? In your quiet season HE WILL SPEAK!

Listed below are some of the lessons I’ve written to myself using my personal situations and those that I’m aware of for others: I pray they bless you! I’m done with my thoughts for the day, YOU can fill in the rest because the reality is each decision or choice YOU make affects and effects your life. I pray you choose wisely! Blessings!

Seek to know that YOU might grow!


August 18, 2012

7:14 AM

#LessonsToSelf Self, some seasons in our life are indicative states of our reactions. Meaning YOU are where you are because of the decisions YOU made.

#LessonsToSelf Self, if you want change YOU must do something about it. Stop putting the responsibility on everyone else! Me to self: Change starts with ME!

#LessonsToSelf Self, even when you THINK you are healed, there is still residue. You must work constantly for continual release. Love doesn’t maim but people do and the person in YOUR life must be willing to work through the process with you S/N Anybody that comes at you to say they ‘are good’ they are just fooling theirSELF. You might want to head in the opposite direction…IJS

#LessonsToSelf Self, YOU are worthy of unconditional love. Christ died first. He is the model of behavior you seek to emulate, portray and expect from another.

#LessonsToSelf Self, You THINK TOO DARN MUCH! OK, self I get that but I’m a cognitive process. I must examine ALL the angles. Self to me: God’s got this! Let His mind guide your every step!

#LessonsToSelf Self, YOU have made some crazy choices in the past. Me: That was then …this is NOW! Me again: BTW did you tell HELL I ain’t coming? Self: I gotcha!

#LessonsToSelf Self, I see YOU try to model love’s unconditional love. Everybody else is NOT necessarily on the same page. Choose wisely!

#LessonsToSelf Self, sometimes wilderness is a wonderful thing! Remember, God talks to you when YOU ARE QUIET! #ReminderToSelf

#LessonsToSelf Self, YOU were created to worship! Any person you make a choice to be with must worship with you! God created marriage for worship before HIM! Oh yeah to fulfill destiny too!

#LessonsToSelf Self, you are branding yourself (so they say). But you and I BOTH KNOW it’s not you but the God that’s within YOU. #GoTeamGod I get excited when I google Teaching Lessons Defining Moments and I’m the OWNER of that Brand!

#LessonsToSelf Self, tell Hell I mean satan he don’t want none of this!! Oh NEVA MIND! I’LL TELL HIM MYSELF!

#LessonsToSelf Self, you do remember you were designed for WARFARE correct? It’s encoded in YOUR DNA. The battle is fixed but YOU must walk out the process…Hmm..well act like it  – – get in your demon fighting mode and get to worshiping & attacking the atmosphere!

#LessonsToSelf Self, David pulled on his own spirit to create an atmosphere of worship. Why are YOU cost down oh my soul?? IJS He wasn’t perfect and neither art thou..BUT GOD’S GRACE CHANGES EVERYTHING!

#LessonsToSelf Somebody just emailed me back a PROPHETIC word I gave 2 them back in December! Whoot Somebody on the SAME page as MYSELF! Keep track of what God gives to you through others. I’m cracking up b/c she reminded me of what I said and she kept it! Write your vision and keep it before the Lord! What He promises He will do…you must walk out the process.

#LessonsToSelf Self, some folk you just don’t need to be connected to. I don’t care they are in ministry. Let God keep fleecing off who doesn’t belong in YOUR life. Don’t forget He’s moving you at HIS PACE, NOT YOURS! Girl you KNOW how YOU are, Speedy Gonzalez without breaks. His covering is dynamic and perfect. That shield is supernatural!

#LessonsToSelf Self, remember where you were last year and think about what you’ve accomplished. God gets ALL the glory. You are in a different season and have a different atmosphere in your presence. Even the people around you have changed. Self learn that lesson that when you walk in God’s footprints YOUR life shall be changed and re-arranged. You are a daughter of the Most High. His excellence and favor shines on YOUR life! Me to Self – I LIKE this season!!! It rocks!

#LessonsToSelf Self, remember that God taught you that disobedience closes doors but obedience open them. You KNOW YOU hard-headed in my Walter J. Oliver voice! LOL Wish I could have a converse w/granddaddy – Me: I’ve learned my lessons and then some. YOU were an EXCELLENT TEACHER!

#LessonsToSelf Self, what the enemy thought would kill you was God’s design to strengthen YOU! Did you LEARN THE LESSON. Repeats are never pleasant!

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