Did YOU KNOW we are a product of our environment? Part II

I started this topic based on a conversation I had with my son (J) on Sunday, January 1, because he has some major decisions to make concerning his life. What was interesting was something he said to me during our interaction. Someone had said to him, “you remind me of your mother, you have no heart”. Hmmmmm…lol.

SO, let’s discuss HOW we are a product of our environment. Feel free to comment and leave ways that YOU think affect or effect us as we manage our struggles and growth in our daily lives. Did you miss Part I?

Children are a product of their environment. I try to teach my sons applicable living by making the best decisions that fit for the appropriate time. I also tell them don’t make emotional decisions—which most times occur in the heat of the moment.  Thus, at some point in time, yes my children will act like me…lol. However, I do not believe my children or I are heartless. I have a heart and I care about people but like I noted in yesterday’s blog I will not participate in drama, nor will I willingly allow myself to be pulled into other folk’s drama.

I make a habit of stepping away from situations and scenario’s to examine those involved, and their motives and actions. This assists me in making decisions in a non-emotional state. Me, being quiet should never denote I’m not paying attention, me being quiet means I’m watching, checking, and re-checking. What is interesting is my son (J) does the same thing.  How does one know how to proceed unless you examine character and actions of the people you are interacting and communicating?

Over the years people have told me I am just like my father. Often I was quick to remind them not in all aspects.  I learned to extract what was necessary to assist me in life and leave what didn’t work for me alone. At any rate, I was called hard and heartless. Yet, those who know me well know that is not true. Belinda has a heart ;-), and loves hard. Is it possible because when we as people learn to make proper decisions and not be swayed based on someone else’s perceptions we are called “heartless”?

When J relayed that component of information to me, I reminded him that he truly was OK, and normal and that an adult should not have said that to him. I struggle to understand adults who feel the need to verbally compare children to their parents even if they think it because thinking doesn’t mean you need to express it to the child. Personally, I don’t believe they’ve extracted the difference between the child and the adult and placed the issue in perspective. Don’t get it twisted, I’ve said to my children, you are acting like me/your father and it is those precise times that I used it as a Teaching Lesson…a Defining Moment for I realize they ARE a product of THEIR environment thus they are taught to make wise decisions even when their environment speaks contrary to healthy growth.



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