Did you know molestation was designed to cripple you from reaching YOUR destiny?

Recently, I was ministering to someone who had been molested in their childhood. A key component in psychology speaks to how one’s struggles in life are attached to either emotional, biological or psychological structures. With that being said, one might need to trace backwards to their past to understand why they battle in their present. Erickson’s theory loosely translated  (the QB mix) states that one must transition from childhood to adolescence within a healthy construct, otherwise they are destined for “issues” to pop up at another time.

So Loves, are you ready? I won’t take up too much of your time but we do need to chat a moment on this particular topic.

If the theory is correct then we can safely assume that for some people the pain and turmoil of being molested WILL pop up in their future, i.e. adulthood. The question becomes will they be able to handle it? Will they have a meltdown? Or will their past spill into their present assisting them in making unhealthy choices? For me personally, over the years I learned to trace back to deal with my past and work it through my present situation through fasting, forgiveness and basically turning the problem over to God. Yes, I heard you love, “There she goes with that religion stuff again!” LOL Remember our motto at TLDM (Teaching Lessons…Defining Moments)? Follow me as I follow Christ, and it takes a higher power to release you from the enemy who is trying to destroy your destiny. You were designed for GREATNESS!

Yes, I said it – – your LIFE was destined for greatness! Did you KNOW that? What better way to stop a person from reaching every level is to take them out when they are a child? Children are innocent (overall). They are sponges and soak up whatever you present to them. Sadly, many people have buried the fact that they were molested. It’s deep in their psyche, but I guarantee you; if you assess their motives and life choices there is a blip on their lifecycle somewhere, and at some point there will be a head-on collision.

Molestation is demonic on every level. It appears to be one of the larger than life crimes of passion; which actually isn’t passion at all because it attacks the spirit of innocence. Many are left years later to process through conditional behavioral mechanisms – – the inability to experience healthy sex in marriage with their partner. While others are promiscuous and cannot explain to you or themselves their reasoning of self-preservation or why they do what they do. Then there are others who declare they play for the same team and love it. It all boils down to hurt, insecurities and fear. And fear makes one try to be in control.

Then there is the subject of a child who does what they are told to do from an early age, i.e. share with their parents what is going on in THEIR life. Now, when THIS particular topic is shared by a child, more often than not the child is ignored, left in the home or the story is too unbelievable, thus they are left to the perpetrators unwanted advances. And sadly, most times the pervert – – oops excuse me the perpetrator is a family member or relative or close family friend, i.e. father, mother, sister, brother, auntie, uncle or cousin.

Molestation leaves one with feelings of guilt, pleasure, and a myriad of other emotions. For example, “did I do something wrong.” The reality is it was a choice of another to do you harm Love. Did you hear me? It was THEIR CHOICE! Now you must deal with your pain and circumstance(s) acccordingly.

Parents – please listen to YOUR children!!! You are responsible for them!!! They did not ask to come into this world!

Can I share for a moment how I managed? I learned to put my boundaries in place. If a certain person was around, I made choices to be elsewhere. Yes, I forgave them, but for me it didn’t make sense to try to be buddy-buddy when I realized they changed the course of my life. I struggled with masturbation for years because of this, among other psychological thought processes. I also learned that perpetrator’s sexual and non-sexual overall see your insecurities thus that part of my life is shored up. Few dare to approach me with sexual intent because they know I will put YOU ON BLAST! I once told my father that his preacher friends are dirty old men! I SEE them checking me out BUT trust a sis it ain’t happening, LOL! QB is the sort that will tell anybody and everybody about your madness. See, the door stays shut in the spiritual world!

This is key, the enemy always works in darkness, learn to expose him and his works so YOU can be free!! Address your own behavior and examine you; and more importantly change what is inappropriate so YOU CAN MOVE FORWARD! Remember the word tells us that some things are broken in fasting and prayer. Seek out a therapist if you need one. Do not be afraid to seek out help. Again, a trick of the enemy for he works through fear. Love pulls down the stronghold of fear. Learn to accept YOU on every level and then submit to the Master’s plan. Help others to come out but never seek to destroy them with what was done to you. Speak up and speak out!!! The inner child must be released! Some of you are still living in that place of fear when you were a child. Fear of the unknown if you spoke up. I rebuke that spirit in Jesus name!

I hope something was said to help someone start their process. Let us pray. Lord Jesus, I bind every wicked and unclean spirit right now. I declare freedom and deliverance to each person reading this blog today. I come against the spirit of fear, doubt and disbelief. Lord, if they cannot remember I pray that you begin to uncover their secrets slowly and appropriately so they can be free. I bind the spirits of molestation, masturbation and all those that have entered after the act. The spirits of depression, oppression, suicide and demonic influences. Lord we shut the door in their life right now in the name of Jesus. Send appropriate help and help them to admit where they are as they repent from any devious acts after the initial sin. Teach them that you loved them without measure and desire them to be free. I bind the spirit of torment and speak peace into their atmosphere in Jesus name. Amen! And it is so!

Be at peace Loves! My prayers are with you.


January 31, 2013

8:30 AM


  1. anquinette perkins says:

    I just wanted to comend you on helping those who were violated during their childhood and beyond. What caught my attention was when you said that we are destined for greatness, and also to follow you as you follow christ. Yes, these are key issues to being delivered from our past. I thank God for people like you, and this is my mission/burden for people from all walks of life. I’m just in the preparation stage to start writing my book and starting a non-profit organization for abuse victims. God Bless you and keep up the good work.

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