‘Changing the face of relationships’ – – Marriage is a Covenant Partnership

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‘Changing the face of relationships’ means that we will all have to work together for change. We are all change-agents in some way shape or form.

Come here can I talk to you a moment? Sometimes, I listen closely to the winds of change by putting my ear close to the wave of society’s thoughts and mindset. I can hear someone asking me, “Bee, how do you do that?” It’s simple, just play close attention by listening to people and watching their actions overall; after all actions really do speak louder than words. A person can have great intentions, but until they follow through with their own thought process basically their concepts are often void of substance. I have discovered that on many different levels for many people, marriage has lost its substance and value.

Let me stake my claim up front, I BELIEVE IN MARRIAGE! Yes, I am divorced but that does not change my mentality or my beliefs. Here’s a moment of clarity, Marriage is a covenant, a partnership designed for two people to become greater and define their destiny together. How can two walk together except they are on the same page? (Amos 3:3)

The thing about contracts is that they are legal and binding. They are normally designed for parties to be clear about what each other brings to the table to work cohesively to reach certain goals. Notice the word cohesively has been used. I like this definition (The act or state of sticking together; close union.) http://thinkexist.com/dictionary/meaning/cohesion/

So if the parties in the contract are sticking together we should be able to identify them not only separately but also as one unit. Bottom line if I question one about the target goals of their business I should be able to extract the same information almost verbatim from all parties involved. Let me put that in layman terms – If I talk to John he SHOULD NOT give me his personal opinion but the opinions of his peers/coworkers.

Now that we understand what a partnership/contract is let’s get started. I think we are aware that not everything can be covered today, but I do have a particular wisdom I want to convey today and will keep it 100. Remember we are talking about a covenant that is legal and binding and not easily wiggled out of in regards to the terms. Keep in mind we are NOT talking about contracts that have loopholes, LOL. Let me be transparent for a moment; even for those of us who have gone through the process of breaking our covenant we have changed permanently for life. Many of us are now healed, while many of us are not, but if each of us are honest, our life either changed for the better or worse depending upon our approach to our individual set of circumstances.

Let me talk to the ladies for a moment,

Sis, when that man married you there was something about you that attracted him either visually, emotionally, or spiritually (we are more spirit than flesh but that’s another blog, LOL). Men on a whole are visual, so if YOU have changed YOUR demeanor and YOUR outward appearance than don’t be surprised if HE MENTIONS it. Yes love overlooks faults and is binding too, but remember you are in a legal contract and your body is NOT your own.  If you’ve gained quite a bit of weight work on those legal terms of cohesiveness by heading to the gym; watching your calorie intake, etc; and if you have medical issues head to see your local physician and work it out. WORK IT OUT!

Have you ever considered giving him everything he needed? A man happily fed at home has no need to go in search of other vices. In fact, he won’t have time. Let me break it down for you – – a man needs sex to feel love while on the other hand some women need to feel love to have sex. There’s a huge barrier right there. Why not cross it sis? Why not cross it with love, expectation and remediation? LOL

Now for the bro’s,

Sir, ask yourself what attracted you to her in first place – as a rule most men I know don’t arbitrarily ask a woman to marry him and most expect it will only be once.  Every man I know that went through a divorce was never quite the same after the first wife; and normally in my opinion the second or third was to keep him from being by himself or some other variation of explanation.

I hear you about her attitude and changing of the body shape. Yet you must remember, if she had children, there’s bound to be change. You must also take note of the fact that women are emotional. Are YOU being as patient as you can be towards her? Have YOU shown her love lately? To get to a woman’s heart you must go through her mind and we both know that the ladies can hold information until hell freezes over, LOL. Be truthful with her and hear her heart.

If you’re attitude and body has changed well seriously, how can you expect more from her if YOU are not doing the same? Have your habits changed? Have you become more lack in helping around the house and meeting her needs sexually? Hmm, remember getting into her head changes her mentality about you.

Stay tuned for more about Covenant Partnerships. My prayer is that you will accomplish everything that was designed for YOU in a covenant relationship…TOGETHER.

Seek to know that YOU might GROW!

Our community and our families need each of us to do our part but more so become a change agent to CHANGE THE FACE OF RELATIONSHIPS! That’s what I’m here for, are you?


April 15, 2012 9:18 AM

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