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Sis, can I drop some words into your spirit? We as women are powerful when we are on one accord and standing in God’s presence and His mission and call on our lives. That is when we are truly validated as the daughter He has called us to be…then and ONLY THEN are WE a true Queen.

Come here Sis, can I talk to you? First, let me make this disclaimer. There are many slang definitions of “dig”. I am referring to when a woman LIKES a man. Sis, I said LIKE not Love because for a man (some men) when he likes you and you like him it’s not necessarily like love. I think I’ll save that blog for another time.  >> ANTICIPATION! lol

Are you ready? Let’s Go!

Earlier this week (6/13) this idea popped in my head to do a Twitter/FB update with the hashtag: #WhenaWomanDigsAMan. Go check out the hashtag on Twitter if you want to see more great content.

Initially, I had only planned on doing one or two stats with this particular tag until a wonderful woman I know mentions that she loved the tweets, and I decided to delve into this topic a bit more. I was up early this am and felt this topic needed to resonate in our spirits. There are many of us that refuse to take ownership of our behavior and are quick to place blame on the opposite sex. However, Sis if you dig a man, please note – this is MY DIG MANTRA – – it comes with some contingencies!

As I continue to reach out to women young and old who are looking for a relationship and or marriage, they tell me, “Bee, I’m ready for the right man.” However, more often than not, as we communicate and probe into certain areas of their life; frequently I find that many struggle with selfishness and are severely lacking within their core of spiritual healing. Sometimes the stripes of their past pain are apparent by their lifestyle (drugs/sex/other vices) or their tone of voice. Sis, did you know YOUR tone of voice will send a bro running for the hills? Click the link in blue to see how I address how we as women should speak to the men in our lives. 

Anyway, let’s finish up for I don’t want to become a bore. But I do want to address a few key points that I believe will help ALL of US move forward when we are ‘digging’ a certain bro in our life, and I want to use a few key stats from this week to assist us in processing healthy balanced information.

1. Sis, you can’t flirt with a man and be mad at him at the same time. See you can’t build up and tear down at the same time. Either you will do one or the other. James 3:11 tells us bitter and sweet cannot come from the same fountain.

2. #WhenaWomanDigsAMan she will dig a well with him until the springs of life overflow in their lives, i.e. they flourish together. (Genesis 26:17-22)

  • I once heard a message preached on this particular topic. It left an IMPACT ON ME! If you read the passage of scripture it talks about how Isaac had so much that he became the envy of others and had to move away from his particular familiar territory of that season to reside somewhere else. For the Philistines had filled up all the wells that Isaac’s father had dug during his lifetime. Now mind you the crops NEEDED water to thrive and survive, so Isaac moved to the Valley of Gerar. Isaac reopened the wells that had been dug in the time of his father Abraham, which the Philistines had stopped up after Abraham died, and he gave them the same names his father had given them. This passage right here speaks of spiritual blessings from previous generations. Isaac was following in his father’s footsteps to some extent. However, another quarrel arose as well as a takeover. This did not stop Isaac; his servants had to dig again until freedom to drink uninhibitedly was arrested!
  • Sis, when this particular stat dropped in my spirit I was excited! I was excited because I could share with you that no matter what occurs in YOUR life keep digging until you hit an overflow!

3. #WhenaWomanDigsAMan she will place his needs above her wants. Sis, don’t get it twisted she assesses what loving him requires for as she chooses him she comes to the realization that she CANNOT be selfish in her loving of him because HE (God) requires so much more of her. If it is more than what she’s willing to give (her self), then she might need to step aside and allow someone else to take that role. But remember she said she digs him.

  • This particular stat is EASY to UNDERSTAND! Bottom line Sis, selfishness isn’t part of a love equation. There is no “I” in LOVE, there is no “I” in TEAM. The only “I” one see’s is in the word EGO which refers to “self.”

4. #WhenaWomanDigsAMan She loves on him so much she KNOWS when he comes in search of her for she’s tapped into his heart – she’s HIS I.V. she’s his air and blood for his vein (of life). Men stand in awe of women.

  • When this particular stat dropped I had to step back and say, “WOW!” This one is HAWT! LOL. But, on a serious note, I believe women have certain spiritual abilities that God bestowed upon us. He created us ‘especially equipped’ to deal with the men in our lives. Basically, it is a choice to remain unselfish; and in essence, you have the ability to tap into the atmosphere around you. Think about it, you are more spirit than you are flesh and often we hear of ‘woman’s intuition’. I call it discernment and we all have a level of it if we chose to use it and IF we chose to use it PROPERLY. I don’t need to seek my horoscope, a psychic or a witch because God always reveals to me what I need to know. Seek God first, His Kingdom first (Matthew 6:33)!
  • Last but not least, understand as a woman you have the ability as I said earlier to tap into your atmosphere. Therefore YOU ARE POWERFUL as a Woman of God! I’m not referring to preaching and or ministering right now. I’m speaking context in regards to YOUR design. God DESIGNED YOU ON PURPOSE! He designed you with inherent gifts! Gifts YOU haven’t even tapped into yet! Transparent moment, because I am powerful, as of today I am addressing MY atmosphere, assessing me, gritting my teeth and digging into MY spiritual soil so that I CAN SEE CHANGE in MY LIFE! There are something’s recently I have realized that need to come fruition, and I take ownership of my OWN behavior as I continue to walk out MY journey.

Sis, as I close let me be transparent for just another few moments. As a woman who digs a certain man, I have learned to not hide my emotions and expressions. However, I have learned to check myself first meaning, are my emotions and or thoughts valid, i.e. is my perception skewed? Or, am I seeing the situation at hand based upon MY eyes or God’s Eyes? Or, am I upset because I am not seeing what I want? Always check YOU before you check him!

Love ya sis and BE BLESSED until we meet again…My prayers are with you Queen and remember to watch your tone, not just with men but with everyone you interact with on a daily basis for you never know what doors you might OPEN OR CLOSE based on your communication skills.


6/16/12 3:00 PM



    “Do not conform yourselves to the standards of this world, but let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind.” (Romans 12:2a


  3. Belinda thank you for all you do!

  4. Pamela Smith says:

    I look forward to your comments daily. Iam finally in life realizing who I am as a woman and or person. I acknowledge what was and what is . So I leave the past behind and except me ,love me ,fix me and one day God will send me the right one for Me!!!!

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