Bee’s Wisdom Hive – Sis, have YOU evolved?

‪Sis, can I drop some words into your spirit? We as women are powerful when we are on one accord and standing in God’s presence and His mission and call on our lives. That is when we are truly validated as the daughter He has called us to be…then and ONLY THEN are WE a true Queen.

Sis, a man’s body language will tell you everything you need to know; meaning if he’s interested in you or not. And most times it will show the type of interest. Followed are words and or actions; ya know it is long-term or something else. Unfortunately many of us haven’t learned the art of decoding a brotha’s language, and or we just don’t care (we have needs), and or we choose NOT to learn/know. Oh but we quick to place blame though!

This is coming from a Queen who hung around the brotha’s and has raised three of my own. Unlike most women a sis has evolved to a higher level and one of my mandates is to help men understand us ladies! Whew! That’s a tall order, heh? LOL!

Ladies, let’s keep it 100 shall we? You can choose to help a man or take your ball and go home. Learn the male code. If you don’t understand, ask a brother what something means? Please take note, ask in a NON-OFFENSIVE way. Be loving with your tone, voice and actions.


Did you miss the blogs about tones??  Well here’s Part I and Part II. Please check them out! 

Now back to my point! LOL!

We are spirit before flesh, and many of us carry our past within our spirit be it healthy or unhealthy. Please grasp that. You have the ability to tap into a bro like nobody’s business but choose wisely. Remember this adage? No man can do to you unless you allow it. My own father said to me after my divorce I would not be abstain because I was an “Oliver.” Hmm… Yeah right – – the denotation back in the day was that “Oliver’s” were hot-blooded. Here’s my take as a woman who has studied folk all my life AND four years of psychology; the Oliver’s had issues and some were NOT disciplined in their Love walk/Sex life.

Never get it twisted, it’s not that I don’t get asked, but I choose to keep myself separate. A sis learned that as easily as she could minister to a bro, it’s just as easy to succumb to his desires, and sometimes MINE! LOL Remember we are talking body language. It’s easy to tap into a bro when you know what he wants and or what you desire. But at the same time what is my motive? Everything boils down to motives for both men AND women! A man will hint at what he wants or asks outright. You might need to decode his motive.

Now go forth and make HEALTHY choices! NO more of this placing the blame on a bro and calling yourself a victim. You chose that choice, behavior, lifestyle, and yes even the clothes you are wearing today. Dress as to how you want to be addressed!



April 4, 2016




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