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We are approaching the end of 2012 a number that represents divine order and government. However as I sat down to write today my heart is heavy and grieving. Yesterday there was a mass murder of babies in our country (Newtown, CT) and I can’t help but to reflect on the tragedy of losing a loved one. Giving birth to a child is a wonderful experience but to lose that same child so young is heartbreaking. With that being said, Ladies can I talk to ‘us’ for a few moments as mothers, wives, single ladies and women in general?

As I reflect on my own life I never deny the struggles that I’ve gone through from childhood until now – – a woman in her late forties. I am grateful I survived but I am quick to surmise that I was able to maintain through prayer and my relationship with God. Sis, I am NOT supposed to be walking this earth; but due to God’s favor and grace on my life I am still here. Thus, I am always reaching back to help and teach other’s a blueprint of success. I am quite aware that there are many influences that often cause us to be distracted from our ‘true’ goals and our walk of destiny, but sis we must discipline our minds and spirits so that order will arise out of chaos.

One way to do this is to asses our OWN life, our character, desires and actions. So often we want to indict ‘others’ but often miss the memo to look at our inward motives. Motives speak volumes in life, love and relationships. Sis, do you ever think about why you do what you do? Often the root cause stems from past pain, baggage, sexual molestation, rape or some other trauma or drama that came knocking at the door of our life. I get it Sis, that man or woman that hurt you deeply changed your ENTIRE life and often they have moved on like nothing even happened; and you were left devastated, crumbled and sometimes even emotionally and spiritual crippled, and your life was forever changed.

Yet, as we move forward in the beginning of the New Year, 2013, Sis, I’m sure you desire change(s) in your life. There’s an adage, to get a different result you are going to have to do something different; which means YOU are going to have to be radical in your thinking and more so in your actions. Living and producing the same outcome is never healthy to our mental mind or our spirit. We as humans were designed to be physically, emotionally and mentally whole. Therefore to be holistic in our body, mind and spirit we need to be aware that whenever we go through various cycles and or situations we must assess OUR process and become determined to change any future outcome(s). So many of us don’t understand how we end up where we are and more so are not aware that often true change of results lies within the power of our own hand. We might not be able to change those around us or even how they treat us, but we clearly can decide how we will participate and more so how we will react.

Women we are POWERFUL but as life-givers we need to get back to our roots. It is we who rocked the cradles of the children we gave birth to and change comes when WE pray! We are WOMBman for we give life not only naturally but also spiritually. I struggle to understand why do we view other women as our enemies when we are similar at our core. It doesn’t matter whether we decide to carry a child or choose to not associate with motherhood; we all still have a womb and that alone speaks of kinship in my mind.

I have just completed writing, Teaching Lessons Defining Moments “The Prophetic Prayers of the Proverbs 31 Woman” and “The Love Journey Series Volume I.” Both books were published by True Perspective Publishing House on October 18, 2012. The prayer-book contains a model of powerful prayers. According to one reviewer it is for all women, whether they are married, single, widowed, divorced or they desire to be married. If you’ve experienced ANY TYPE of loss this book will help change your life! While, The Love Journey series is a mixture of poems and short quips that speaks to loving a person unconditionally. If you are not on a Journey of Unconditional Love it will begin to show you the path.



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Medial Release – 2012

Greetings Loves!

Many years ago on October 18th my mother gave birth to me.  So it was with delight this year I wanted to commence my born day with something special. I officially launched the birth of two of my books. Please check it out! I’m EXCITED!!! LOL

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This article originally appeared in Lioness Magazine – December 2012

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