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Sis, can I drop some words into your spirit? We as women are powerful when we are on one accord and standing in God’s presence and His mission and call on our lives. That is when we are truly validated as the daughter He has called us to be…then and ONLY THEN are WE a true Queen.

Ladies, I woke up with this in my spirit this am, the validation that many of us seek from men. Sadly, many of us are not aware of it  because we’ve never addressed our OWN spirit. Yes, it’s part of the process from Adam and Eve’s disobedience, i.e. the Fall aka SIN. BUT, that was given for a marriage covenant and not every woman is married, nor shall she be. Hmm… let me repeat that, NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO BE MARRIED! In the meantime ask yourself why do you seek to be known in regards to how a man views YOU? For example, on social media when a bro starts spouting wisdom the ladies pop up and start cheering and if he happens to be speaking on how men should treat a woman some of us start yelling things like, “yeah, he better recognize, or YOU preaching bro,” or some other concept that is rooted in the spirt of Jezebel. Yah QB is going there this am, because I want each of us to examine OURSELVES! 

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Manipulation and control is often associated with women although the spirit is genderless. But ask yourself why do you feel the need to always have things your way. Yes, even the meekest sis struggles with this and yeah some of us see you. Often, it is YOU who does the most damage because YOU are undercover with your hmm.. stuff.

Next, if we’ve been hurt by a man then we start playing for the other team and seeking our own. That was NEVER God’s divine order. Notice, I said God’s DIVINE ORDER. Whenever God gives a mandate the enemy always seeks to destroy with his own TWISTED VERSION! I am quite aware that many of you who follow me are married and or are in relationships with other women or struggle with the component. I love you, but you are in error. It’s tight but it’s right. I’m going to keep it 100!  Sis, you still strapping on the dildo to keep feeling what only a man can give you! Ponder that thought. No woman can do for you what a man can and please stop allowing satan to lie to your mind and spirit.  Never allow society and their norms to drive you away from God who loves you unconditionally.

So ladies, of either Team Men or Woman – note that we each have a WOMB no matter what team we are on and that womb designates the ability to give life spiritually and naturally. I ask this one question of you, “What are YOU doing to foster your personal life and community with the WOMB YOU possess? We are the life givers, the life changers and God designated us as a gift. Unwrapped gifts are never acceptable, neither are gifts that are broken and or maimed. Gifts are given from the heart and seek to uplift another persons spirit. How can you uplift when you yourself are seared with pain?

 No man or WOMBman can ever validate the process of your life! That alone comes from God and today I speak deliverance of every generational curse and demon(s) that seeks to bind and destroy you  in Jesus name. I speak an atmospheric shift to the very presence of God (to allow Him full reign). I slice through the very forces of hell in the spirit that manifestation SHALL OCCUR in the natural! For every bed you’ve erred in – I bind up those soul ties. For every man and or woman you gave your soul to I speak regeneration and bind up and speak healing to that soulish activity. I demand that every curse is broken and I request the very essence of God be released as He sends his ministering angels to your spirit. I decree and declare by the power and authority I posses in Jesus name! And it is so! Selah!

Love ya sis and BE BLESSED until we meet again…My prayers are with you Queen and remember to watch your tone, not just with men but with everyone you interact with on a daily basis for you never know what doors you might OPEN OR CLOSE based on your communication skills.



6:00 AM

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