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Sis, can I drop some words into your spirit? We as women are powerful when we are on one accord and standing in God’s presence and His mission and call on our lives. That is when we are truly validated as the daughter He has called us to be…then and ONLY THEN are WE a true Queen.

Sis, come here can I talk to you a moment?

I believe men are INCREDIBLE CREATURES OF VISION. Sis, did you hear me? This is worth repeating…MEN ARE INCREDIBLE CREATURES OF VISION! I can hear someone now in the peanut gallery grunting with displeasure, LOL! Seriously, can I inform you why you are probably not feeling my statement? Because you’ve been hurt by a man in some way, form or fashion; and typically when we’ve been scorned we are apt to have contrary beliefs which normally are followed by actions that speak to our contentious spirit.

Wow, I just said a mouthful. Here’s the shorter version, ‘hurting people, hurt people’, but let me stay on point today. I only stopped by to give you some tidbits of how a man’s mind works — to assist you in understanding how you might have to readjust YOUR thinking. BTW, don’t tell any of the bro’s that I’m sharing this with you – – Bee might get crucified upside upon a tree, and if you don’t see me blogging for a while send the authorities, LOL!

Whether you agree or disagree with me, I still stand on THIS truth, men have incredible vision. Now mind you I NEVER stated they are perfect. Let me be clear, men are incredible creatures of vision but they are not perfect. Vision is encoded in their DNA. Also encoded is the ability to FAKE THE FUNK!

We all know what that means right? Basically, they keep trying until they get it right. Sis, don’t YOU do the same?  Hmm…I’m just asking as Bee smiles gently. See this is it in a nutshell, sit still and make a note to self and repeat after me. “I, (insert your name), _____ promise to be a little bit more forgiving of every man I encounter from this day forward for I realize he is NOT perfect, but neither am I.” Whew, did you struggle with that statement? If so, I promise you it will get easier because mindset is often offset by consideration, affirmation and reiteration.

Let me allow you to peruse the male mind for a moment with these brief points.

  1. Let’s start off with this one, which I’m sure we have all heard by now – – every Obama needs a Michelle. Simply put: The leading lady played an active part in her man’s life through love and support. Sis, can YOU do the same?
  2. Here’s another one, did you know the men are trying to figure IT out? IT being their life, where they fit into YOUR life, how do they adjust to the woman they love and their children.
  3. Check this one out. Did you know even though men act like they don’t care – many wonder how they are perceived by society, their peers and their circle.
  4. Some of us believe men have all the answers but many do not – – even the extremely gifted ones – – they just keep moving at the speed of light hoping things turn out alright as they go along. Trust me when I state the male ego is fragile; and even when the answers are not apparent don’t be surprised if that information is RARELY shared with you.
  5. Some men will use and abuse you because of their own personal circumstances. No sis, it isn’t right but love is a healing balm; and a scoop of forgiveness and a choice to assist a man goes a long way. Cycles of pain CAN BE BROKE!
  6. Here’s a good one: men don’t like drama! Disclaimer: men don’t like drama even when they caused the drama. See a man will put off having a clear, concise discussion for as long as possible. Even though he knows the stuff is about to hit the fan – – he’ll weave and bob and retreat if necessary. Whereas, we pull off our earrings, grease down our arms, get our motor mouth ready for battle and dare a bro to take us on, LOL! See the contrast right there between the sexes.

I said all of the above to say this to you love, be considerate of the men in YOUR life. Yes, they can fake the funk, but sis, don’t YOU?

Seek to know that you might grow; I’m out y’all (Bee leaving you with some thoughts to ponder as you move forward on your life journey).

Love ya sis and BE BLESSED until we meet again…My prayers are with you Queen and remember to watch your tone, not just with men but with everyone you interact with on a daily basis for you never know what doors you might OPEN OR CLOSE based on your communication skills.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

5:56 AM


  1. hi is a new MORNDAY”Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.

    – Psalm 150:6 (NIV)DOT

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