Bee’s Wisdom Hive – Do You Know How to Walk on One Accord? – PART I – His Vision versus You (Yours)

Sis, can I drop some words into your spirit? We as women are powerful when we are on one accord and standing in God’s presence and His mission and call on our lives. That is when we are truly validated as the daughter He has called us to be…then and ONLY THEN are WE a true Queen.

So recently I tweeted the following on my twitter account: youknowiloveyouwhen your vision becomes my vision…walking as one

For those who are not familiar with Twitter, you can use the hash tag sign (#) to complete a quick search of all Tweets w/that particular hash tag. You can create your own tag or use one that is trending on any particular day. The tag is so popular that it has moved over to facebook which to my knowledge has no search engine but in reality those who use both social sites feed their facebooks from their twitter account…hey sis…I’m just passing along some arbitrary information…lol

Anyway, a couple of questions were raised based on the concept of a man’s vision and where does a woman fit in. Now I have to keep it real, when I was growing up I wasn’t aware a woman could have a vision…LOL…and on the other side of that coin I wasn’t sharing with too many adults all the things that God was downloading into MY spirit. I do remember running to my grandfather one night during prayer emphatically stating, “Granddaddy granddaddy I’ve been called”. Well needless to say in Walter J. Oliver’s typical fashion he sent me back to my seat to pray…LMBO! I LOVE that Man! I honestly don’t remember the exact age but it had to be around 19-22. Mind you I was the youngest official Sunday school teacher in our assembly (19); I got my first car, God was drawing me closer – in fact I dropped my boyfriend (oops…lol) and I distinctly remember God placing in my spirit to teach about love and relationships for it had become my passion. Sis, I had a LOT going on at 19. Even recently, God has taken me back to that age – sharing some thoughts and wisdom. So I can truly say that some of my pivotal points began at that age regarding ministry.  I’ve been given many prophetic words concerning my life and for those who are not of a church background that basically means someone who has God’s heart spoke over my life as to what I would accomplish for God and kingdom building. My objectives are clear for I am to lead others not in a religious direction but in a loving relationship with Him (God). For once you love Him; your life begins to take shape and value that far exceeds the imagination. In fact, I remember Elder LaVelton Daniels telling me, “You’ve been told before and have been prophesied to before about your life but it’s going to be greater than you can even imagine”. Ahh…the relationship of Him has ALWAYS FAR EXCEEDED ANYTHING I CAN IMAGINE.

Now that we’ve gotten through the introduction, let’s dive in head-long shall we? For those who are familiar with how I communicate thoughts you already KNOW this is Part I. For those who are new to Bee’s Wisdom Hive, I try to keep to one vein of thought per blog and try not to overwhelm you with too much writing and information; and we try to address issues a bit at a time. I truly dislike when it takes folk a long time to make a point don’t you? LOL!  That’s the anal side of me that states cut through the extra unnecessary language components and make your point…LMBO!

Check this out…I had this vision of being a counselor and actually seeing parishioners in need of counseling services. My office would be inside of the church; for there were quite a few rooms available for use. Hmm…what a adorable concept, hey I was young and my mind was always churning and creating visionary concepts. In reality I don’t have the private office; but have learned to create my office wherever I happen to be; for I often end up counseling men and women of all ages, married, single, even children (ask my  boys about that one – they have horror; and my pastor has dubbed me “a true counselor”. I started working on my psychology degree over three years ago and hopefully one of these days I will obtain my PhD. That is if I can ever stop getting sidetracked with my OWN multiple projects like: blogging, writing books, starting non-profits and counseling. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE WHAT I DO, but I have some SPECIFIC GOALS in mind.

So this brings us directly to a woman adjusting who she is around a man and his vision. I realize that some of you have pursued degrees, visions and life goals that you feel you need to accomplish. Now mind you I’m sure some of that ladies prayed before their pursuit, while others did not; and yet still even others prayed after realizing certain things were not working out; while the last group of us might not have any clue to what they want to do in life. So each of us fall approximately into four groups of women:

1. Pursuit of goals – you are doing ‘you”,

2. Pursuit of goals directly from prayer – you have “God’s heart”,

3. Pursuit of goals – you had an epiphany after your life changed. This might have come through tests, trials of life or severe hurt. In addition you might have had a limited flow of resources and or understanding of “who you are” and you have resorted back to seeking God’s face in prayer to obtain His direction.

and last but not least are the women who –

4. Have no clarity at all – no understanding hence no pursuit – your life is akin to treading water – you are trying to stay afloat waiting for someone or something to rescue you – you might even see your goals but have no idea how to reach them. Sis, these actions might be attributed to you being a product of your environment. On the other hand you might know a woman pursing her dreams with the same background as you but somehow she has been able to find the strength to swim to shore and start over and does not allow her limitations to hinder her from obtaining the goals she desires to reach.

I can almost guarantee that whether we’ve been abused, raped, molested, maimed through relationships, marriages and or divorces – most of us want to get married. Even the sister’s that have leaned in other directions (another woman) – if they would examine the recesses of their spirit – one day they still want to feel that marriage is an option. Interesting, because even they want to get married to their life partner and create a family niche. So how do we mesh what we believe God called US TO BE with a man who when we connect up with him has a vision? For the sake of argument we will stick to men that have a vision because sis if he doesn’t have one there is NO POINT in you trying to hook up with a brother until he does. As I once heard a bro say to me: “Bee, A MAN WILL GO AFTER HIS VISION AND CALL REGARDLESS IF HE’S SINGLE, BROKE, BLIND OR DEAF AND A WOMAN CAN ONLY ADD OR SUBTRACT FROM IT”. Sis, if you missed that, please re-read it so it gets into YOUR SPIRIT, for you cannot give a man a vision, only God can do that  – – you are called to assist not direct.

The next question WE ALL MUST CONSIDER is if we know how to choose a healthy man that is aware of his role in a woman’s life? Personally, growing up the agenda that was pushed in my circle was Ephesians 5 AGENDA and it was always geared towards favoring the man in the marriage. Sis, I believe in oneness and building but back then TO ME it seemed the whole of the burden was placed on the woman. Now mind you let me be transparent for a brief sec and give you my thoughts as a previous married woman. Relatively there is a burden placed on us (women); but what I clearly understand now regarding oneness and building and our role was not taught to me and others; and a key point/component that was not addressed is that there is also a burden of proof placed on the man for he is responsible for you before God. We are to submit to one another and it is a choice; and our choices either allow us to prosper together or wear at the fabric of our (spiritual) being and relationship.

So sis…I think that’s enough for the moment and we’ll pick this up again in Part II. As you read through some of the blogs listed below and let the thoughts of HIS VISION MARINATE IN YOUR SPIRIT I pray that you begin to reshape and reframe your mind to understand how we began to walk as one in a marriage… HIS VISION VERSUS YOU (YOURS).

Next time we will begin to talk about working together so that both can accomplish goals, do our dreams get lost, and some other good Bee’s Wisdom Hive topics/thoughts.

Love ya sis and BE BLESSED until we meet again…My prayers are with you Queen and remember to watch your tone, not just with men but with everyone you interact with on a daily basis for you never know what doors you might OPEN OR CLOSE based on your communication skills.



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