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Sis, can I drop some words into your spirit? We as women are powerful when we are on one accord and standing in God’s presence and His mission and call on our lives. That is when we are truly validated as the daughter He has called us to be…then and ONLY THEN are WE a true Queen.

Ladies I woke up early this morning and was reflecting on the past couple years of my life. Do you know that the early hours are the best time to gather your mind and establish a prayer life? David said that he sought God early in the morning; and this is so effective to approach the Master early in the day BEFORE things began to become hectic and or fall apart. If you’ve not done that, then I encourage you to begin that process. So, onward and upward because today I want to share with you about A MAN OF VISION!

I truly am inspired by this subject because I am aware that when you meet a man; he has to be able to sustain you spiritually but more importantly the first thing you must understand is he has to have a vision. Sis, YOU cannot instill a vision in a man! ONLY GOD CAN DO THAT! Can I repeat that for the ladies who seem to think they can and “got this”? Sis, YOU cannot instill a vision in a man! ONLY GOD CAN DO THAT!

Now of course, along with a man’s vision comes obstacles and often these obstacles are spiritual. No, let me correct that they are spiritual and natural because not only does the enemy fight but that man will often struggle with himself. That’s why I believe EVERY MAN needs to have his wilderness experience. Hmm…sis nope YOU can’t go along for the ride..LOL…you know how us females are  – – we always wanna be hanging out with the brotha’s, all up in his face and trying to see what’s going through HIS MIND. That’s something he must experience with God. Think about it – wilderness is when you are by yourself. You can’t take your crew! Now check this, some brother’s need more than one experience. I know one who goes there quite frequently (to hear from God). In fact I encourage him to go because I know that when God speaks to him, ALL THINGS begin to fall into place. I can encourage it and him because I am similar; and I realize that I too need to hear from God about the things in my life. So sis, I encourage you to do the same and watch YOUR LIFE CHANGE! Just a note, once you begin, you will never be the same for as you lay before the Master expect struggles as you come out; but every aspect of change will be worth it in the end. I can speak that with authority and speak change in you NOW!

Got a bit sidetracked this am speaking into your spirit…lol…so let’s get back to the Man of Vision; for there is something specifically I want to address. We can never cover everything in one blog but there is a key point I want US to make note of when dealing with this type of man. HE NEEDS ENCOURAGEMENT! I state that because remember I mentioned earlier that he struggles with himself? Think about it logically, you and I struggle when we know what we are supposed to do; but yet our spirit is contrary. There is a scripture in God’s word that says simply that even when we know what we are supposed to do (because we know right from wrong); there is something within us (that battle with our flesh) fights against what we know to do, i.e. doing the “right thing”. You feel me on that? For example, we know NOT to blow another sis up cos she was all up in our grill or crushin’ on our man; BUT we made a choice to give into our emotions and went with the emotions. All sanity and logic went out the window with every cuss word available to us in our “cuss bank”. Bottom line “WE WENT IN”! Ok, of course we thought about it later; and we might have even had some remorse and a smidgeon of regret BUT it’s too late…oh well…moving right along to the next scenario. What we didn’t realize is we sowed sin into the ground and the only weapon used was our mouth.

Now let’s bring that same scenario forefront when we have a Man of Vision in our sights. Honestly sis, do you think you could handle him? Let me share a secret with you, and I’m smiling to myself because as I got up to write this blog this am this was NOT the vein of thought I had; but knowing God as I do…He is taking it in a different direction, and I’m clear in knowing that it is HE who minister’s and speaks to our hearts. If you are emotional and stuck in emotion then YOU will struggle to speak into that man. When he can’t seem to find his way, and he has your support it should be YOU that speaks into his life. Not another woman – we call this fire-proofing your friendship/relationship. I NEVER let another woman beat me out in speaking into my friend’s life and he is a man of GREAT VISION.

Think about it sis…flattery is different than affirmation. Affirmation spoken might filter through the ear gates but it seeps into one’s spirit to foster growth. It is a seed, a healthy seed that empowers one’s soul.

I remember one time telling my friend that scores of women were asking me relationship questions and there were some areas I was struggling with (at the time) with him. His only response was “you’ve been called to serve”…dang! LOL…then I started doing a Bee Whine knowing this man won’t do drama nor is moved by emotions lol. All emotions must be in check when you deal with him and check this out…I’m not a whiner, I abhor whining but I am using THAT word so we all can relate because I often hear women whining…hmm…GROWN women resorting to childish tactics to get their way; but that’s another topic as Bee smiles gently. Seriously, it wasn’t a whine I just repeated myself…lol…but the reality is I wanted a different response from him…hmm…does this sound familiar? He exacted the same response…LOL…thus I let it go because as usual he was right as he often is and I must often HUMBLY admit that, but more so have a better understanding moving forward. I am sharing this and being transparent because my life is never my own and as he stated “I am a servant” (smile).

Now here’s the secret…well one of the secrets…I’ll share more later…but are you listening…paying attention…it will be quick and I need you to grasp this…we as women so often GET CAUGHT IN OUR EMOTIONS that when things are not going our way we lash out and lose all sight of our visionary skills. Did you know that we are visionaries too? Did not God create us from a man? Are we not taken from his side? Not once do you read in the word that God took a piece of something to make something else thus we are A SPECIAL CREATION; we were not formed out of the ground as Adam and the animals but taken from the side. WE HAVE A PURPOSEFUL DESIGN and anything taken from something else has components of that first design. Sis, we KNOW HOW do make things right, we KNOW HOW to create and speak peace but the two-sided coin of that is we also KNOW  HOW MUCH WORDS DESTROY! Thus I speak a change in your life as you scan the words of this blog…I speak that when, if you’ve not already met that man of vision that you will see beyond his struggles and encourage him like no other. I speak that you will be able to meet the needs of where he lacks. I speak visionary change into your thinking process. I speak encouragement. I speak supernatural strength. I speak visionary change. I speak adjustment to his vision. I speak clarity into your atmosphere. I speak to the winds of change and prompt you to stand up to meet them. I speak to the atmosphere of confusion and declare your release and the scales of deception be removed from your eyes…I SPEAK…I SPEAK…I SPEAK!

I speak that when that man loses one dream – for it has been crushed due to circumstances, I speak that you will help him stay on course to dream another dream or you dream for him. I transfer my ability to see into YOUR Life and ask God to give you a level of visionary change for your husband, friend, and the men in your life. Women were designed to speak into a man’s life and so I decree that YOU CAN SPEAK. Even when you don’t understand or it’s not clarified on your end stand firm…as you pray that God will clarify it for you and for him…and so NOW YOU SPEAK! You will no longer get caught up and so focused on the daily tasks at hand that you cannot see that man (prophetically) for who HE TRULY IS, NOR HIS VISION. Sis no longer are you stuck in the spirit of selfishness …FOR NOW YOU SHALL SPEAK!

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Love ya sis and BE BLESSED until we meet again…My prayers are with you Queen and remember to watch your tone, not just with men but with everyone you interact with on a daily basis for you never know what doors you might OPEN OR CLOSE based on your communication skills.

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