Bee’s Wisdom Hive – A special volume on Love and Communication

Hey Sis!

We as women are powerful when we are on one accord and standing in God’s presence and His mission and call on our lives. That is when we are truly validated as the daughter He has called us to be…then and ONLY THEN are WE a true Queen.

So today I’m blogging a bit about LOVE AND COMMUNICATION. I posted a stat on Facebook a few days and got such an awesome response from one of the ladies that I decided to post the convo for so we all can benefit from some BEE WISDOM 😉

So here’s the stat:

Love + communication = input (N2 a relationship) which = output + change (from the relationship) = LOVE IN ACTION. How hard do u love? #TLDM

So Sabrina answers: aaah, communication skills…he must have them ladies!

Of course you know I had to respond…lol

Yes Sabrina, but remember men talk about 7,000 to women’s 15,000 words per day and knowing most women, probably 1/2 of that is complaining or fussing…LOL. Plus when I say communication we must also note that communication is verbal, non-verbal,  body language etc. I appreciate the fact that a bro can give me a look that speaks volumes and he never has to open his mouth for me to know what he is communicating to me 😉


I understand…my definition of communication is when two people carry on a conversation that interests both parties. You’re right, it doesn’t have to be verbal and knowing the person makes it easy to read the body language. I don’t waste time complaining or fussing in a relationship because 1) I grew up with it and choose not to because negative words cause so much pain and some words just can’t be reversed…PEACE BE STILL… 2) there are so many words of love and understanding that can be spoken to enhance the relationship. I tend to intimidate men during conversations because I speak through my heart and mean everything I speak. Now that I’m single, I can tell which direction a man is coming and know they’re not ready and I move on.


Good word Sabrina…question for you…different you understand it takes men longer for intake? Meaning when you give him something..step back and allow him to germinate on might not be that they can’t handle but you are not giving them time. Often men tend to disappear for a bit..but that doesn’t always mean they are gone..just thinking ;)…give them space…I had a stat I did before..that when a man comes out of his cave..act like nothing is wrong and proceed ahead until you can talk to him..I know from experience because I know men like men use their caves to think..I’m the same way…yeah I grew up with the fussing too…ughhh..I hate it when I go there with the boys…and they know it.


Oh yes. Well do I know the processing time is much longer than ours. It would be days even up to a week sometimes when I would get a response from either a statement or a question I asked. I tend to get frustrated sometimes when men cut off all communication rather then tabling the subject matter and continue to have healthy communication…it’s like they get stuck on the one topic and won’t speak again until they process that information…our processors are built differently. lol


Precisely! Thus patience is needed..a lot..look at it from this perspective…what if YOU need more patience? I learned the past year that I did..worked on me…doesn’t bother me like it used to plus we must remember loving someone is not what we get but what we give…women too often look with expectation instead of just loving..I think when the prophetic prayers for the ladies I’m writing is done..that will help many who choose to be helped…it is a powerful component of a love journey.

FUSSING will send a man to the hills…ladies we must remember that our perspective/view is just that..OURS…men weren’t built to think like us..whether you appreciate it or not..they are the head …and you can choose to assist and play ball or go…me – I choose to play ball…besides it’s can choose to like your bro plus loving him or end up with nothing/

Be blessed until we meet again…My prayers are with you Queen



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