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Wedding ring 9-5-14

Sis, can I drop some words into your spirit? We as women are powerful when we are on one accord and standing in God’s presence and His mission and call on our lives. That is when we are truly validated as the daughter He has called us to be…then and ONLY THEN are WE a true Queen.

Recently I was reflecting about married women; and their concepts regarding their marriage, husbands and their desires. I’ve been watching us women since I was about age nine; and over the years I learned some interesting concepts about our cognitive thought process, and our actions or lack thereof.

I remember thinking early on I wanted a marriage to rival the ages, but unfortunately, it did not quite turn out that way. However, I did learn that it takes two to tangle. Sis, did you hear me? It takes TWO NON-SELFISH PEOPLE to commit wholly to each other as they DECIDE to build a foundation in their marriage that will withstand anything.

Sis, can I share a couple of concepts with you. You might be able to identify someone you know that behaves this way. Of course I KNOW YOU WOULD NEVER ACT THIS WAY as I chuckle to myself.

  • Everyone in their circle KNOWS they are going through either financially or emotionally. Their COI (Circle of Influence) has heard them bickering quite often. Yet, the wife portrays that all is well. She will talk about her husband to others, but I often wonder when does she TRULY pray FOR him?
  • She knew when she married him that he had limited educational skills as well as vision. She THOUGHT she could carry the both of them. A short time later she begins to tell ANYONE who will listen to her that he is “NOT THE ONE!” I often wonder if a woman like this will EVER be satisfied? She wasn’t when she was single, thus she’s doubly irritating now that she is married. Have you heard from her recently? I’m sure she’s either out cheating or looking for her next victim. As her friend you might be able to suggest to her that she needs healing within her core, i.e. her spirit. Remember she used to jump from relationship to relationship and or bed to bed? That spirit is STILL the driving source in her soul.
  • Her focus is on material possessions and what her husband can do for her. She identifies what he can do for her as love. Yes, we realize that some people have a love tank that is filled by the sharing of gifts. However, in this case, this woman is almost insatiable when it comes to material things. The size of her ring is really more for her friends than about the man she married. Do you know any ladies who are show-offs? Yeah, those type. She allows society to drive her understanding of what love is. What’s bananas is she is going through with her husband; but yet she expects him to continue to give to her willingly. It’s questionable how much she services him in the bedroom. I prefer NOT to be a fly on the wall in this case. All I can say is he does not always look to happy when I’m in his presence. The last I heard, she was focused on the size of her anniversary band, her next great acquisition. Personally, I’m wondering if they are going to make it to the new year.

The reality is sis, many of us have perceptions when it comes to marriage. We only saw the presentations that were presented by our parents, friends and some of the generation before us. Has it occurred to us that our perceptions might be skewed? Our blueprint is the God’s word. So often we get ourselves into situations; and when the covers come off we ask ourselves, “How did I get here?” The sad commentary is, that many of us have not consulted God, or even truly prayed about the man we say was sent to us by God.

Sis, I remember in my marriage I had the rings, the cars, the jewelry. But can I tell you what I learned? Actions are necessary for building foundation. I also learned as I stated earlier it takes TWO NON-SELFISH PEOPLE to commit wholly to each other as they DECIDE to build a foundation in their marriage that will withstand anything.

Well Sis, that’s all I have for today. I pray something was given that will spark your spirit to begin a relationship with your Creator, so He can assist you in loving that man properly.

Love ya sis and BE BLESSED until we meet again…My prayers are with you Queen and remember to watch your tone, not just with men but with everyone you interact with on a daily basis for you never know what doors you might OPEN OR CLOSE based on your communication skills.



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