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Greetings to you sir! I just want to leave a few thoughts with you today. I don’t want to go too deep though; but I might deviate a bit so just be patient with a sis…lol

If you’ve read some of my previous writings, then you know by now I believe in healthy marriages. You can agree or disagree with marriage but that’s the stance I personally take; and if this is the first time you are checking out ‘Bee’s Man Cave’ then the premise of today’s blog is addressing the married men.

So I was inspired for today’s title while I was working out on May 28th. Who popped up on my iPhone in my ‘Pandora’ but Will Downing with “Put me on.” So I’m there grinding on the elliptical machine and thoughts started to formulate, LOL. Now mind you I love me some WD and there’s nothing like working out to a station inspired by him; but my mind started to wander AND wonder if some bro’s truly understand how a woman’s mind works because quite a few have told me that women are just plain complicated. Then there are those times when I’m listening to their story and have to interject and ask them, “Can’t you see what she’s doing?” Or, there’s  a clear obstacle and I have to relay and express to a bro that he’s missing the entire point of the issue. So here I am Sir, are you ready? Let’s go!

I’m quite aware that when some of the bro’s read the engaging title, their minds began to wander and I can reasonably expect and imagine what came to mind. Yeah, I know YOU TOOK IT SEXUAL, LOL. On the other hand some bro’s might have missed the entire concept. However, the point of today’s blog is to get INTO HER HEAD. Yes, sex might come into play (yup I know that’s predictably where YOU want it to go) but then there is a question of is she playing YOU to get it over or is she truly into you? Hmmm, thought to ponder, LOL.

IMO (In my opinion), I think WD’s song can be portrayed from two different aspects: 1. A sis, should put HIM on to relax (the singer who sets the mood); and at a deeper level 2. Not only would he sing to her but also become the mood she desires. Hmm, I just heard someone say, “Bee, you lost me.” Simple, become the mood by setting the mood and make love to her.

I think we all know by now that the reality is men and woman process information differently in regards to their emotions and feelings. But for the sake of today let’s not stereotype because clearly some of the issues surrounding gender have been crossed. For example there are some women who have the tendency to be visual just like a man; while some men are better at expressing their emotions and feelings and can sympathize with their counterparts.

Yet my point today is, when men are frustrated they look to their wives for comfort. That vehicle of comfort is sex for ultimately they are looking for a release. None of this works without the wife facilitating her BODY AND MIND to participate. However, many times men miss the point that their wife might need a bit more time to get into the mood then they do. She is NOT G.I. Jane that can go with the flow; and if there is something on her mind then trust me you must stimulate her mind before you can even touch her body. Bro, your idea of foreplay should NOT be five minutes nor should you take on the aspect of ‘it’s all about you’. Marriage takes work and both partners should address the other’s needs. Oops, I heard one of the bro’s asking the question, “What about MY NEEDS?” Bro, did it occur to you that if you both meet each other’s needs and desires by loving the other selflessly then life might become a bit more palatable?

Can I address a couple of points that might help you, ‘Put it on Her?’

  1. I know she can be a bit emotional expressing her needs, but teach her how to articulate the problem without emotion. If she struggles initially with this, be patient by helping her – explain how YOUR mind works. Men are much more linear in their thinking than a woman.
  2. Don’t be afraid of rejection by expressing your mind and or asking questions that you wonder about (like why she is acting a certain way). Oh Yeah, I heard you…crazy, LOL. Seriously, I realize so many men will let an issue go or skirt around the problem because they realize there is drama when they ask or drama when they don’t ask. Bro, either which way there might be drama, correct? Why prolong a situation? Just jump in, both feet first! LOL
  3. Try to put her needs first for approximately two weeks. You might just see a change in her and her moods. For example when she has the need to express via conversation, pay a bit more attention than usual, i.e. allow yourself to be engaged in the process.

Simply put, bro ‘Put it on Her.’

Hmm…I told you I might deviate, but I hope you enjoyed my words of wisdom. Bro, until we meet again…I speak CLARITY AND INCREASED WISDOM into your life and atmosphere.

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Much love,


6/3/12 7:05 PM

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