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Bee’s Man Cave© – Part of the TLDM  © Series

A good male friend of mine said to me recently “Belinda, you are a handful”. Well bro’s, I get that quite a bit from the brother’s who truly know me. I no longer view that as a derogatory comment; and have come to the conclusion that I am “complicated” as most of my male friends tell me.  Mind you, I know a few of the bro’s who are complicated too; but on the serious tip though, they are not downing me but just letting me know that I’m not a push over; and appreciate the fact that I can interact with them without judging or placing pressure on them. See, I grew up hanging with the guys, was a tomboy but don’t get it twisted I was being chased too; and was one of the few that were a “go-to” girl. Basically this means I heard a lot of the guys’ secrets and who they were interested in. Other times I received way too much information about a sis and had to purge it from my mind. Then there were the times when I got caught in the middle of a guy and his girl and counseling the two of them or when the heartache became apparent because a situation was not going to work out; Ahh…the throes of being a guy’s friend.

Now from a female perspective; I believe I’ve been designed exclusively as a help meet; which means I take the word of God to heart when it gives instructions on how a woman assists a man. In fact, I ENJOY that position and love when men can achieve their goals and be the man that God called HIM to be in Him; and can stand as role model of MANHOOD in society. As we delve into this new series I’ll try to be as translucent as possible in my thoughts and opinions as I write to you. So first off let me state that I’ve been married before and expect to be married again. So, I am quite aware that marriage takes work and both parties are responsible for their actions. Far too often we bring our selfish wants and desires to the table and expect the relationship to work out.  Most times the hardship comes into play because neither party desires to submit their will to the other because each party is trying to be ‘right’ which is never HEALTHY for the man/woman/marriage.

Bro, as a woman I LOVE HARD; and when I love a man, his vision becomes mine and I’m aware that I am to help him. Hey, God called us help meets for a reason; and my desire is to be that ‘perfect’ help meet. So here I am, writing and addressing the male audience giving you a Godly Woman’s perspective on how to ‘LOVE A WOMAN’. You can agree, disagree, but prayerfully you will walk away with some knowledge on how to love a woman PROPERLY.