What is TLDM™?

I’m just a vessel with a pen…a scribe

Teaching Lessons…Defining Moments (TLDM)™

Welcome to Teaching Lessons…Defining Moments™ where we deal with basic applicable Godly information that pertains to the issues of today’s society surrounding relationships, marriage, life and your destiny.

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A couple of years ago, Teaching Lessons…Defining Moments (TLDM)™ was placed in my spirit. Many of us have heard of the quip ‘Teaching Lessons’ or ‘Defining Moments’ but I have yet to hear of the two quips placed together. #KABOOM, thus TLDM was birthed and I became a vessel with a pen…a scribe.

Initially when I began to write, often I struggled as many of us do in life overall when we begin a new venture. Yet, as I continued to push forth the easier it became to articulate my thoughts. I encourage you to do the same – NEVER GIVE UPON YOUR DREAMS!

I never thought of myself as a writer and check this out believe it or not I flunked my English Comp 101 class in college as a freshman, grrr..LOL! What was more amazing is I passed my English Comp 102 – go figure. As I began to take classes for my B.S. in Psychology I realized I would have to write research papers and trust me mentally I was not prepared. I literally stressed for the entire eight weeks. A paper 12-15 pages long was not going to be easy yet as I worked through the process it became a TLDM and I received an A on my paper. WHOOT! Each paper became easier as I began to submit some of my best work. Well, except for one paper. I KNEW it was not up to par but I still received an A. I guess what I’m trying to convey to you is to keep trying—yeah I know I could have just said that, LOL, but then YOU wouldn’t know MY story. Isn’t that what writing is about? Giving lessons and stories that are shared with others? Here it is in a nutshell from me to you, ‘Follow me, as I follow Christ’ and use TLDM to share applicable stories about everyday life. Will we get it right the first time (life)? Probably, not, but let’s keep trying together until the process is clear, concise and on point.