A Letter to the Ladies…..

Dear Sis,

I heard your cry and felt your pain this morning while I was meditating. Far too often many of us wonder why we are not successful at our relationships and or marriages and we continue to make the same mistakes over and over. Some of us question and ask ourselves or God, stating “WHY CAN’T I GET THIS RIGHT”? While others emphatically state to ourselves, “I WILL HURT AND STRIKE FIRST BEFORE I AM HURT”. Many of us even question our ability to CHANGE and are actually TORMENTED when this particular thought or thoughts of the acts and deeds committed cross our mind.

What many of us do not understand is where we are…we didn’t get here by ourselves. Many of us were molested or raped or abused and the doors of adulthood were opened up in our young lives; a place written in the scope of our lives forever…written out of appropriate time. On the other hand others made choices and many of us still have not accepted responsibility whether we chose or not. See sis, irregardless of whether we chose or had a choice made for us we must accept responsibility of our behavior from the outcome. But I hear God saying, “baby gurl, your life CAN change, forever and for the GOOD”. See sis, society wants us to think its ok to ‘SEX’ every man that crosses our path with the intention of eventually the ‘ONE’ will be ok with that; and that to give our ‘BODY’ to each man we meet is ok. There is the risk of physical connotations, but sis; TODAY I am feeling your SPIRITUAL PAIN AND AGONY. Your voice is crying out whether YOU realize it or not. There are some of us that choose to be with women thinking “well SHE understands me more than a MAN would”. Yes, I agree that often the men in our lives appear to be insensitive and we bear anguish at the hand of many. Yet sis, have you ever thought that to close up shop, all would stop? That’s just a thought to ponder in this process. Others of us choose to mate each man that crosses our path because we are searching for our valued self-esteem. But I hear God this morning saying, “My DAUGHTER NO MAN IS WORTH YOUR SOUL”; AND IT IS I WHO VALIDATES YOUR LIFE FOR I CREATED YOU! Who better to understand you sis then YOUR creator; the one who sent HIS son that you might have life?

It’s not my intention to bore you or make this a tedious blog; but I just wanted to drop a couple of seeds of thought into your spirit; and pray for you. If your life has forever changed through your acts; and or deeds were committed that have changed your life; and you do have a desire to change, well I know a great big God who is always standing by, ready, willing and ABLE. It doesn’t matter if your sexuality is in a place where you even question yourself.  Christ died to remove our sins; and you can live a healthier life. Women were created to be helpmeets to a man; but many of us are so tormented by the issues in our lives we can’t even see clearly to admit that often our behaviors push them and ourselves to unattainable limits. A BREAK THROUGH IS NECESSARY! There must be a spiritual evolutionary change for all! Sis, did you ever think that if you change, that will require that man to get in order too? Another thought to ponder…as your tears flow. It is my desire that God will just speak to your heart and it’s really ok to cry…

Lord Jesus, we ask that you show us your intense love for us as we approach YOUR throne of GRACE. Each of us have committed acts that are sinful against you and our own bodies. But Lord, we NEED you to refresh us and cleanse us of and from the contrary sin in our life. Sometimes, we are not even aware of how deep the abyss has become in our own atmosphere. But Lord, I speak now to every contrary spirit and wayward demon in the person reading this right now. I break every yoke in the name of Jesus! Lord I ask that you send deliverance and healing their way. Every act that was committed to change the course and cycle of their life as well as generational demons I break; bind and send that spirit back to the pit. I speak a spirit of repentance into their atmosphere! Power and authority is in your word and in the precious name of the Lord Jesus. We speak peace into the minds and hearts of your people and demand that the spirits of torment, sadistic behavior, suicide, molestation, rape, oppression, depression, sexual deviant behavior; and any and every unclean spirit RELEASE their hold. Lord I ask that you begin a fresh path of deliverance on their behalf and teach them Lord to assess their life and begin to dig into their past gently to expose the hand of the enemy. In addition Lord we ask that the blinders and deception that the enemy has placed in their life to gently fall away with a pure grace that can only be bestowed by you. I speak clarity and bind the spirit of confusion and deception even so right now and thank you for the deliverance as they walk out their salvation. In Jesus name I pray AMEN…AND IT IS SO.

My prayer is you will accomplish all that God intends for YOU to do in HIM.

Go in peace and I speak peace and blessings into YOUR life.

Seek to know that you might grow.


May 23, 2011 / 5:59 AM


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