Bee’s Wisdom for cleanliness

#TLDM #RealTalk #Choices #StrategicPositioning #QBBeautyTip I told ya’ll we are going in today! Let’s talk about hygiene! LOL

Ladies, in my corner of the world it is hot. That means EXTRA baths and a bit more feminine maintenance. QB realizes some of us have not had those type of motherly mothers to skool us! So here we go. Fasten your seatbelt!

Hair traps smells! Be it on your head or somewhere else. Now we know even with weaves, wigs, natural hair it needs to be washed. However, in other territories that stuff needs to be snipped! LOL! Listen, my sons won’t even touch my razors! LOL! Yes I said razors, with an “s”! LOL!

I realize many of us have skin problems and are allergic to certain soaps. Here are some more natural soaps that are great! Kiss My Face Olive Oil Bar Soap Olive & Lavender, One With Nature Dead Sea Mineral Soap, Lavender, Pacha Soap Clarifying Charcoal Bar Soap, Bee & Flower Soaps Sandalwood Bar Soap. Check out: Caldesene Protecting Powder, it waterproofs areas, heals chaffed skin, rashes etc. It is YOUR friend! I love the lavender. It’s great on the skin.

Now let’s cover something else. Ladies, there are three areas in your private parts that need to be washed. Yes, I’m going there! Two in front and one in back. And hmm vinegar and water works well for cleaning. If you are clueless, please inbox a sis. I know these doctors are saying the V-jay naturally cleanses itself; but they neglect to mention diet and your frequent sex partners’ cos issues AND some of us just plan outright smell! We SHOULD NOT SMELL YOU outside of the restroom facilities. We should not smell you when you walk by or when you stand up. Sigh…And it’s hot too! Lord help! And for those who are larger on top, don’t forget to wash underneath them.

Clean those crevices and craters and we can all get a long! BTW Sharing this post is caring!!!  xoxoxoxoxo 


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